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Great Italian Americans: Sam Rodia

Natasha Lardera

“I no need to come in America. That's my mother's, my father's fault.” -- Sam Rodia Sam Rodia is the son of Italian-American immigrants hailing from Serino, a small town...

The Venetian Dilemma

Natasha Lardera

Who doesn’t love Venice?

Are They Really Italian?

Natasha Lardera

Do you know where the original Fettuccine Alfredo come from? We asked Russell Bellanca, son of Guido Bellanca who, with Alfredo II opened the first Alfredo’s of Rome restaurant...

Bocce, a “chic” pastime

Gianluca Taraborelli

In Italy it is a popular game only among seniors. In New York it is not only cool, but also very chic among young professionals. A number of bars and clubs around the city opened...

Giordani, the genius of versatility

Gina Di Meo

He is definitely the man of the moment, or rather the tenor of the moment, and he is Italian.

Between Handcuffs and Paint Brushes

Chiara Zamin

To invent an artistic place from nothing is not an easy task. Above all if you are trying to give a new identity to a city.

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