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Music! Benefit Concert to to Help the Reconstruction of the Teatro Cinema Garibaldi in Amatrice

i. I.

A stellar line-up of New York based musicians will perform in support of the cause. Musicians infact decided to devolve the income of fundraising for the victims of the...

Music! Benefit Concert for the Central Italy Earthquake

A stellar line-up of New York based musicians will perform in support of the cause

Youth on the March to Save Venice

Judith Harris

Even as the ever larger tourist crowds jam its narrow calle, Venice continues to lose almost four local residents every day. What is to be done? Seeking answers, the young...

A Reflection on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Kayla Pantano

A personal note about the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. By a young Italian-American woman who, on September 11 2001, was only 5 years old.

Heritage in Danger. The Centro Scavi Torino and the Requalification of the Iraqi Cultural Heritage

Mer 7 Set 2016 → Mar 27 Set 2016 The Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, in collaboration with The Centro Ricerche Archeologiche e Scavi di...

Francesca Montillo, a Very Energetic "Lazy" Italian!

Francesca Rizzi

Conversation with the founder of a new startup in Boston, “Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures” tells her story...

Mother Theresa of Calcutta is a Saint. She Already Was

Gennaro Matino

I met Mother Theresa in the beginning of the 90’s during my first trip to the city of Calcutta. When I saw her, I immediately felt the sensation of being in the presence of a...

IAWA Features Gil Fagiani and NYTimes Best Selling Author Wally Lamb Sat., Sept. 10, 2016 at Cornelia St. Cafe


To celebrate its first 25 years, IAWA has co-sponsored events with organizations such as the Vito Marcantonio Forum's Author Series, participated in the NYC Poetry Festival on...

Sour notes in Italy's September Song

Judith Harris

A sour note will be heard in Italy's otherwise glorious September song: the economy. A fundamental problem: nine Italian families out of ten are relatively poorer today than were..

Italy, France, and the Satirical Dispute

Federico Ghelli

French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, sparks outrage after publishing insulting cartoons portraying the recent earthquake that afflicted central Italy. Later, Italian...

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