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MY MENTORS. Patrizia di Carrobio: Passionate Curiosity

Lucia Pasqualini*

What struck me most about Patrizia, from the very first time I met her, was her natural curiosity for unknown situations. I was impressed by her open- mindedness, she was open to...

When Art Is in Your Blood

Mila Tenaglia

For four generations Gloria Porcella’s family has followed an artistic and cultural path in Rome. Here Gloria tells us a little about her cultured childhood, her subsequent...

Richard Gere Named President of This Year’s Taormina Film Festival

B. S.

American Actor Richard Gere will be the honorary president of the 62nd Taormina Film Fest this year. The American Gigolo and Pretty Woman star will preside over the opening...

Can Lampedusa Become Europe’s Ellis Island?

Marcello Saija

Ellis Island was an organizational apparatus that implemented a specific project of social engineering aimed at building a new America. Lampedusa is nothing like that. It is...

The Italian Wine Connection

Francine Segan

Acclaimed New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov writes three columns—The Pour, Wines of the Times and Wine School—in which he explores a specific type of wine each month....

Art Exhibition: "Salvo - Io sono il migliore"

M. T.

An overview of the work of Salvatore Mangione (1947-2015), known as Salvo, from the Eighties to the present. At Ierimonti Gallery

The Life and Death of Modern Immigrants

Fred Gardaphe

You might not know what it’s like to be a modern immigrant to Italy, in fact you might be someone who couldn’t care less, but if you read Margaret Mazzantini’s new novel...

“We Still Sit by the Sea Expecting to See Ulysses’ Ship Pass by...”

Vittorio Taviani

Salina as seen through the eyes of renowned film director who for many years has shared a house on the gorgeous Sicilian island with his brother Paolo, inseparable companion in...

Halloween Italian Style

Maria Rita Latto

In all the Italian regions in the days between October 31st and the day of Saint Martin (November 11th) is custom to celebrate the juxtaposition of life and death with numerous...

Sicilian Magic in the Big Apple

Gero Salamone

The French poet Guy de Maupassant called Sicily “the land of oranges, of blooming ground, whose air in the spring is a fragrance,” An island with timeless appeal, where one...

Baroque Sicily. When History and Art Join Forces — and Win

Dominique Fernandez

With so many possible ways to visit Sicily, we decided to take you for a tour of Sicilian cities in search of baroque treasures.

Sicily in Command at Expo 2015 with Montalbano Actors

Alessio Shostak

A host of Sicilian events announced for Milan Expo 2015, reaffirming the Region’s prominent role in the event

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