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Wines among the Ruins. Ancient vines, Ancient grapes, Ancient city, Modern wine

Charles Scicolone

How were wine grapes grown in Pompeii two thousand years ago? This question can be answered today.

Discovering Jewish Trieste & Jewish Italy

Letizia Airos Soria

Discovering Jewish Trieste, an event which included a dinner reception and presentation, took place in the Rohatyn Room of Carnegie Hall. The event was sponsored by the Centro...

Cinzia Angelini. La ragazza "animata"

Gianluca Taraborelli

Cinzia Angelini si è trasferita a Los Angeles 10 anni fa mossa dalla passione per le cose in movimento che l'ha portata a partecipare a produzioni di film realizzati sia con la....

Bordighera Prize. Happiness in Poetry

Michelina Zambella

The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute welcomed the winner of this year’s Bordighera Poetry Prize, Tony Magistrale for “What She Says About Love”; the first...

Renato Miracco, a Question of Energy

Letizia Airos Soria

Interview with Renato Miracco, the new director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. Miracco, an art historian and curator, is ready to bring energy and a new vision to...

Organized Crime in Today's Italy. A Commentary

George De Stefano

In the midst of the latest overheated political dramas over the national budget, electoral reform, and the high price of pasta, an old specter continues to haunt Italy: organized...

Libri. Mario Calabresi. La verità della sofferenza

Stefano Vaccara

"Spingendo la notte più in là" (Mondadori, 2007) di Mario Calabresi, figlio primogenito di Luigi, il Commissario di polizia ucciso a Milano nel 1972. Un libro che racconta...

Giuseppe Giacomini on YouTube. II PART. "A Singer Lives Spiritually Through their Voice"

Luigi Boccia

In the second part Giacomini talks about his relationship with faith and about the capability of the human instrument, the voice, to convert and unite both the good and bad people..

La Spartenza – Unforgettable Suitcases

Letizia Airos Soria

La Spartenza, a stage play directed by Enzo Toto was performed last Monday at the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York. Teatro del Baglio di Vìllafrati, a theater....

Being an Albanian Immigrant in Italy: "Amidst Great Friendships and Great Prejudices"

Ilaria Costa

Adrian Paci. Born in Albania, he has been an Italian citizen since 1997. His artistic production is profoundly influenced by his own experiences and his life as an ‘immigrant”

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