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Two Place stop Call Home: Rome and New York

Judith Harris

The first installment of a series about a new breed of Italians. Technically they are neither emigrants nor expats, for—as Ambassador Varricchio remarks in this issue—“they...

Pope Francis Meets Grieving Parents of Youth Pushed into Tiber River

Judith Harris

Before his Wednesday audience Pope Francis received the grieving parents of Beau Solomon, 19-year-old U.S. college student who was pick pocketed and then drowned in the Tiber...

Big City Elections Jolt Italy

Elections in key Italian cities have sent an electric shock throughout Italy. In Sunday's run-off in Rome, Virginia Raggi of the Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S), who won just over...

Grillo Crows, Renzi Troubled by Big City Election Results

Judith Harris

Elections for city mayors are never pure reflections of national trends, but are warning shots across the bow, in this case, of Premier Matteo Renzi's ship of state. As Renzi...

Our Next Italian Destination: Milan

I. I.

Centered on art and fashion this metropolis has something for everyone! Its breathtaking gothic Cathedral, or Duomo is a must visit! If fashion is your forte, Milan is regarded as...

Italy Celebrates Easter

Juidith Harris

This Easter Holy Week is marked by sorrow for the deaths in Spain of young students, including seven Italian girls, in a tragic bus accident, and by the wanton terrorist violence...

Spring in Italy: Rome!

I. I.

It’s your gateway to Italy and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is something for everyone in the “Eternal City”—history, art, great food and a warm...

Your Valentine's Italian

Darrell Fusaro

What a wonderful surprise to discover that the legend of St. Valentine is not limited to romantic love.

Collision Course: Civil Unions Demo vs. Family Day

Judith Harris

Among the the European Union's 28 members, all but Italy and a handful of East European countries do not yet recognize civil unions, and the EU has been prodding Italy toward...

Migrants Make Headlines (and the News Isn't All Bad)

Judith Harris

The problems related to migration still capture headlines, but Italy is successfully spearheading the European Union toward revision of its outmoded ruling that migrants apply for...

A Tale of Two Cities

Judith Harris

After a wave of scandals dubbed “Mafia Capital” has forced the mayor of Rome to resign, a police chief from Milan will tend city hall until new elections in city hall next...

The Challenge of Change

Martha Ciampi

Back in 1992 Rome-based correspondent David Willey published his book God’s Politician, reflecting his 50 trips worldwide with Pope John Paul II. Another of his books, Italians,...

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