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Italy, France, and the Satirical Dispute

Federico Ghelli

French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, sparks outrage after publishing insulting cartoons portraying the recent earthquake that afflicted central Italy. Later, Italian...

Zuckerberg Connects with Italian Community after Earthquake

Federico Ghelli

The Facebook CEO spends a few days in one of his favorite countries juggling around official meetings, Q&A session with college students, morning runs around the Colosseum and...

Fragile Italy

Judith Harris

The death toll from the quakes -- so far seven serious tremors have devastated these lovely ancient towns in the Central Appenines -- is over 240, and will doubtless increase....

Lolly: Sorbetto- on-a-Stick. With Fruit from Only One Region of Italy

Francine Segan

Lemons and blood oranges of Sicily Strawberries of Veneto Wild berries of Trentino-Alto Adige Famed frozen treat from Italy finally available in the USA

Panini for You. A Big Taste of Italy in a Small Loaf Bread

Tommaso Cartia

Panini. The word defines a food trend whose popularity seems endless and one of the favorite fast food options among New Yorkers. But what exactly is an authentic Italian panino?

Reflections on the World in Which We Live - Part I

Alfredo J. Valentini

Reflections after the recent Summer Program in Italy by By A. J. Valentini, Adjunct professor of Italian at Utica College, Director of IACE Summer Program in Italy.

Italy is a Summer Festival

Judith Harris

More than ever before, Italy is a summer festival, with programs on offer from Sicily to the Val d'Aosta, from the Maremma to the Alta Irpinia. Topics range from communications to...

Grana Padano PDO: Not Only Tasty, But Healthy

Mila Tenaglia

We met Doctor Crippa at Eataly during the Grana Padano Cheese Health presentation in which he explained to us the research he has conducted over the last two years on this type of...

Brexit Fallout on Italy: Watch Your Step!

Judith Harris

After days of being rocked by post-Brexit shock waves, the Italian stock market rebounded a percentage point more or less across the board. But the fact remains that the "Brexit"...

@ Grand Central - PANORAMA - An Immersion Into Italian Beauty

Beginning Saturday, June 25, New Yorkers and tourists alike will have the opportunity to experience Italy and immerse themselves in Italian beauty without ever leaving the U.S.

Italy Starts Euro 2016 with a Bang

Bryan Solomon

Italy won a decisive match on Monday, June 13th against Belgium, winning 2-0. Although pegged as weak and doubtful to make a deep run in the tournament, Italy gave a great...

Run-off Elections for Mayor: Surprises May be in Store

Judith Harris

Run-off elections for mayor take place in six of Italy's most important cities Sunday, June 19, two weeks after administrative elections involving 12 million voters. To judge by...

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