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Anthony Tamburri

A Brief History of Italian Heritage and Culture Month in New York

I. I.

More than three and one half decades of special events, concerts, exhibits, lectures, and proclamations to celebrate and to better inform New York, the largest Italian city...

Once Upon a Piazza

Anthony J. Tamburri

In 1970 in Settefrati, a small town in Lazio, the piazza was a meeting place for the town’s citizens, a shopping center, a playground, a resting spot, a political forum. And it...

Re-Reading Italian Americana @ Casa Italiana

Natasha Lardera

Professor Anthony Julian Tamburri's 198 page compendium, Re-Reading Italian Americana: Specificities and Generalities on Literature and Criticism, was recently presented at Casa...

Gathered Together Under the "Mother Italy" Monument

Maria Giovanna Pagnotta

The annual ceremony, right before Mother's Day, was held last Friday, May 9th, under the patronage of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York.

In Search of the Italian Identity

Luca Delbello & Roberta Michelino

Ilica, Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance, organized a conference at John Jay College about the Italian identity and its significance in today’s world

Amerigo's America: The New World Honors Vespucci's Ingenuity

Francesca Giuliani

St. John's University hosts a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition on Amerigo Vespucci and the merchants of Florence, shedding a light on the contribution of the Florentines to the world...

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Italy Never Forgets, and Neither Does America

Francesca Giuliani

On January 27, i-Italy attended the memorial ceremony held at the Consulate of Italy and spoke to the many attending guests. These are the comments we gathered, and they all teach...

A Ph.D. in Basket Weaving

Joey Skee

Italian-American anti-intellectualism rears its ugly little head again.

Puglia's Excellence in America

Antonella Iovino

Poet Joseph Tusiani and journalists Antonio Romita and Carlo Brienza are the 2011 recipients of the "Puglia’s Italy Awards of excellence"

Remembering Victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Italian and Jewish Immigrants Unite

Francesca Crozier-Fitzgerald

On March 29th, Hasia R. Diner arrived at the John D. Calandra Institute to speak about the compelling relationship between Italian and Jewish immigrants in New York City. Her...

Giorgio Napolitano’s Complete Immersion in New York

L. A.

We briefly discuss the highlights of the President of the Italian Republic’s visit to New York City. It was a trip that strengthened Italy’s solid ties to the United States...

The Verses and Battles of Arturo Giovannitti

Antonella Iovino

The Italian poet and trade unionist is remembered on the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification to relive his contributions of political activism and poetry to the American...

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