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Lincoln Center Pays Tribute to Anna Magnani

i. I.

A special series dedicated to the film work of iconic Italian actress Anna Magnani, May 18 – June 1. The 24-title retrospective will screen entirely on 35mm and 16mm.

AIAE Eighteenth Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala

The Association of Italian American Educators announced its Gala. Will take place the First of May from 2:00-5:00 PM at the Chateau Briand, located at 440 Old Country Road,...

Kickstarter for Le Passioni dell'Anima!

Le Passioni dell'Anima is a musical story for children’s choir, solo voice and piano inspired by emotions and sung in Italian. Roberto and Federica need all of our support to...

Design the Car of Your Dreams and Learn Italian!

American students of Italian American Committee on Education (IACE) visit the Ferrari showroom in Manhattan to learn Italian while designing the car of their dreams

Elena Ferrante. Italy’s Best-selling and Most Secretive Author

Judith Harris

Lavishly praised throughout the English-speaking world and somewhat more controversial at home, Neapolitan author Elena Ferrante is a literary phenomenon whose identity is an...

Italy Named Partner Country of Winter Fancy Food Show

Authentic Italian tastes and new traditions on tap. Italy has signed on as the partner country for the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

Bambini, Ragazzi, Giovani: Children and Youth in Italy and the Italian Diaspora

I. I.

Working from interdisciplinary and transnational and perspectives, the annual conference at John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (Friday, April 24, and Saturday, April 25...

Milan to New York. New York to Milan

Letizia Airos

Inside i-Italy magazine... What you hold in your hands may seem like a vast mishmash of articles, but there are tangible links that bind its Italian and American contents

The Decline of the Italian Language: the Problems with the Education System in Italy

R. C,

According to a very recent CNN article written by Rome-based freelance reporter and writer Silvia Marchetti, Italy, one of the most culturally rich countries in Europe and the...

Language. How to Reach Everybody

Mario Fratti

My father Leone knew how to be obeyed. No dialect in my family. I remember him saying: "Mario, you have many good ideas and opinions. They will be lost if only a few people will...

Italian Youth Unemployment Leads to Poverty in Retirement

Emily Hayes

According to a recent report by Censis, high levels of unemployment and underemployment among today's youth will lead to poverty in their old age. Continuing economic recession...

"Tony May Scholarship for Italian Culinary Studies"

An Evening of Italian Fare, Wines, Spirits and Live Music to Ensue: Proceeds to Benefit JBF and Brand New Scholarship! An exciting event happening at SD26 on next Tuesday Jan...

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