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New York

Not Only Pasta. NYC Italian Restaurants and their Earthquake Relief Effort

Federico Ghelli

NYC Italian Restaurants sell typical dish to support earthquake relief. But pasta is not the only thing going well with amatriciana sauce. People can taste a fantastic pizza...

Cuomo Lights World Trade Center to Honor Victims of Earthquake in Italy

On Thursday evening the lights of One World Trade Center's 408-foot spire will be green, white and red, the colors of the Italian flag to honor victims of the earthquake in Italy

In New York Life's a JOY-ney

Darrell Fusaro

Joy and enthusiasm let us know we’re heading toward more life, more joy, and more of what we were created to be doing; in other words, success.

Panini for You. A Big Taste of Italy in a Small Loaf Bread

Tommaso Cartia

Panini. The word defines a food trend whose popularity seems endless and one of the favorite fast food options among New Yorkers. But what exactly is an authentic Italian panino?

Let’s Bring the Casa on Every Screen!

Stefano Albertini

Following the recent passing of its beloved founder, Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò, the prestigious Casa Italiana of New York University elected as its new president Giorgio...

Grana Padano PDO: Not Only Tasty, But Healthy

Mila Tenaglia

We met Doctor Crippa at Eataly during the Grana Padano Cheese Health presentation in which he explained to us the research he has conducted over the last two years on this type of...

Learning (and Teaching) How to Become Italian

Lucia Pasqualini

With Michael White, Head Chef and Owner of the Altamarea Group. Musings on how much non-natives with a robust knowledge of the culture and language can help promote the lifestyle,...

New York Loves You

Darrell Fusaro

Whenever you're willing, she's always eager to take you on a thrilling adventure.

Two Place stop Call Home: Rome and New York

Judith Harris

The first installment of a series about a new breed of Italians. Technically they are neither emigrants nor expats, for—as Ambassador Varricchio remarks in this issue—“they...

MY MENTORS. Patrizia di Carrobio: Passionate Curiosity

Lucia Pasqualini*

What struck me most about Patrizia, from the very first time I met her, was her natural curiosity for unknown situations. I was impressed by her open- mindedness, she was open to...

When Art Is in Your Blood

Mila Tenaglia

For four generations Gloria Porcella’s family has followed an artistic and cultural path in Rome. Here Gloria tells us a little about her cultured childhood, her subsequent...

Representing Italy’s Food Products in North America

Natasha Lardera

In this interview, Italian Trade Commissioner Maurizio Forte, presents his his agency’s mission of representing Italy in one of North America’s greatest specialty food trade...

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