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Learning Italian in a Los Angeles kindergarten

Judith Harris

There is a public, not a private, school in California that is unique: it offers its students, beginning in kindergarten, full immersion in studies of a second language, which can...

The Fire that Changed America


One hundred years ago the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire killed 146 innocent workers and galvanized the conscience of an entire city

Be Cool! Learn Italian Culture and Cuisine with Lidia

Maria teresa Cometto

Italian is becoming cooler and cooler in New York 200 American children in Harlem learn Italian culture and cuisine with the celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich

AP Italian is Back on Track

A.B. & M.D.M.

Together at the Consulate General of Italy to celebrate the signing of the agreement that reinstates the Advanced Placement Program in Italian Language and Culture.

Two Italian Teens Experience the New York Summer

Tommaso Vaccarella & Tommaso Galletta

The experience of two Italian guys who have been in NY for a month, learning how to survive

Arizona Ethnic Studies Bill And Then Some...

Anthony Julian Tamburri

I wrote about one thing on the Calandra Institute list-serve (the Arizona Ethnic Studies Bill), and, among the many responses, people spoke to another issue, as you can see below....

"My Husband was Jewish, but I am Italian and Catholic". Remembering Ann Malamud

Andrea Malaguti

A few years ago I unexpectedly got acquainted -- for too short a time -- with Anna Giuseppina di Chiara (1917-2007), widow of the writer Bernard Malamud (1914-1986), who could...

“We Are Also Italians”. America Oggi. Demonstrating Against a “discrimination”

Riccardo Chioni

In N.Y. in front of the Italian Consulate, an event to support the only Italian-language newspaper published in the U.S. drew the attention of the American press last week. It...

Jersey Boys: Italian Americans Beyond Stereotypes

Benedetta Grasso

Going to see the Broadway hit "Jersey Boys" with an Italian and an American friend made me reflect on the representation of Italian Americans in show business and my personal...

Italian-American Nicknames Are No Joke

Darrell Fusaro

Everyone’s familiar with nicknames. Mikey, Snookie, Noodles, The Situation. We’ve heard them all. But the ones given to you by your Italian-American friends? They always...

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Between Past and Present

Benedetta Grasso

99 years after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire many people gathered for a moving commemoration and a series of educational events to inspire everyone to create a safer and better...

An American with an Italian Name. Hindrance or Advantage?

Darrell Fusaro

Most Italian-Italians, the ones from Italy, that is, always seem to be curious as to how we Italian-Americans are perceived by others in America. With all the news they’ve...

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