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Rosanna Di Michele

Cooking with Rosanna

Ciao! My name is Rosanna di Michele and I come from the most beautiful city in the world: Vasto, right on the Adriatic coast in the Abruzzi region of Italy. I travel between Vasto...

Sara Gironi Carnevale


#whatdasud, nato come progetto di tesi, vuole denunciare, informare e sensibilizzare circa ciò che accade nella cara, vecchia Campania Felix. Lo fa con gli occhi di una...

Daniele Perna

Design Culturati

New York City Designer shares photos, thoughts, and articles. Featuring Special Addition: Interior IQ

Riccardo Costa

Taste of the Art

My love is for cooking and writing about food festivals, restaurants, and cuisine, from a Euro Chic point of view. Nothing obnoxious or arrogant, but truthful to my heritage, on...

Stefano Vaccara

Visti da New York

As an Italian Journalist and a New Yorker I take on Italy, World Politics and other Human Affairs.

Dominic Candeloro

Roots and Branches

Drawing on 30 years of experience of researching, teaching, writing and promoting Italian American studies, this blog will focus on the roots of Italian Americans and the branches...

Annalisa Liuzzo


Stay informed about rapidly changing immigration laws in the US and be prepared for a successful and happy outcome

Donna Chirico

White and Ethnic

A central goal of this work to is to come to understand the function of esoteric or transcendent imagination as it relates to personal development, attainment of valued goals, and...

Bianca Sorminis

My Shanghai

What is good, what is bad and what is just Chinese. Notes and daily life of an Italian expat in Shanghai who discovers China, its people and a bit more of herself.

Judith Harris

Letters from Rome

Reports and uncoventional thoughts from an American expat.

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