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Front Page

Rita Ciresi

La donna è mobile

A whimsical look at life as an Italian-American woman

Chiara Mazzucchelli


This blog will be a collection of private thoughts on disparate subjects for public consumption.

Natasha Lardera

The word for it...

"If you don't like the news...go out and make some of your own." - Wes "Scoop" Nisker

Paul J. Carvet


News, Notes, Notable Notions for the younger generations of Italian Americans.

Daria Masullo

Lost in Translation

A translator's journey through language and how it defines us.

John Gennari


In the spirit of jazz, my blog improvises on matters of Italian-American culture, history, politics, and performance.

James Periconi


My blogs will focus on the historical amnesia that besets Italian America. The questions I will ask and try to answer include: how do we "outwit" history, that is,...

Moustache Pete


Out of the shadows of history and imagination steps Moustache Pete. Part ghost, part fiction, he is always ready to connect the Italian American present to its origins. ...

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