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Commissione Giovani NY

Young Italians in New York

Let our voice heard as one

Marisa Iallonardo

In Giro

Musings on what it means to be young and Italian(American), with thoughts on music, movies, fashion, lifestyle and the Italian culture that's all around us.

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Stagisti Primavera 2009

Stagisti Primavera 2009's Blog

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Donatella Scatamacchia

Lucanian Globe-Trotter

Born in Lucania: migrant from the birth...

Giovanna Landolfi

Weird Stream of Consciousness

Hilarious thoughts in an insane world (ovvero: pensieri comici in un mondo folle)

Mattie John Bamman

Sipping from the Heel

Reporting the new wave of wines from Apulia’s 4,000-year-old vineyards. Posting at least once a week.

Andrea L. DiCamillo


The blog of an Italian American graduate student from New York University living in Florence for a year: what I did, some impressions, and unique experiences recounted.

Walter De Marco

Life Bites

Bittersweet bites of Italian and American life and culture

Gianluca De Nicola

Living Italy. Lavori in corso.

Crescere e costruirsi una vita in Italia. L'esperienza di un giovane, studioso e  scrittore.

Mary Cappello


Marginalia, poetic forays, "free" writing, peripheral intensities, the cicchetto as a literary form, keeping my ears open to queer encounters of the Italian kind.

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