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Marina Melchionda


Italian Americans are Italians who live in America; or Americans of Italian Descent. What about an Italian American who lives in Italy? Is she an Italian-American-...Italian?...

Alessandra Grandi


Vi racconto la storia di come divento newyorker giorno dopo giorno. A day by day account of how I become a Newyorker.

Beatrice Spadacini

Insight Africa

A Blog about Africa by an Italian American whose heart is scattered across three continents. A humble attempt to reframe the discourse on Africa, case by case, country by country....

Maria Laurino

Old World/New World

I will explore how we hyphenated Americans navigate the conflicting, often contradictory, values of our Old and New World cultural heritage.

B. Amore

Voices and Visions

A keyhole view of contemporary Italian American artists and writers – in and out of the mainstream!

Louis Coluccio

Authentic Italian American

From the perspective of an third generation Italian specialty foods retailer, struggling with the question of authentic Italian, italian- american, and everything in-between

Benny Profane

Music of My Mind


Carmine Savarese


I miei occhi, i miei passi, il mio ritmo e New York City di fronte che ammicca. Le note di un runner mediterraneo prestato all'East River.

Robert Viscusi


In Europe and in the world, Italy has a new role to play. In the US and in other places outside Italy, people who call themselves Italians are developing a fresh awareness of the...

Pasquale Verdicchio

Bianco, rosso e verdicchio

Observations comments and proposals on Italian culture, cinema and current events by Pasquale Verdicchio, UC San Diego

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