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April 12, 2014

ARTWORK Nebiur Arellano

Daniele Perna
DANIELE PERNA DESIGNS - Artwork Nebiur Arellano
Artwork Nebiur Arellano

vibrant color tactile art

April 10, 2014

The Color of Poetry

Daniele Perna
Danielé Perna Designs
Contemporary Rugs For your Home Interior

Contemporary Rugs

June 10, 2009


Daniele Perna
Danielé Perna Designs

Danielé Perna Designs Completed Interior Design Project: The Avery, 100 Riverside Boulevard on Manhattan's Upper West Side

June 3, 2008

Un'era di design che evoca esperienze emotive: Daniele Perna e la nuova generazione di designer

Daniele Perna
Daniele Perna & Miguel Sanson

L'estetica europea si è sviluppata nei secoli evolvendosi e diffondendosi in varie direzioni. Oggi una nuova generazione di designer, dall'Europa e da altri continenti, vivono il...

June 3, 2008

The Age of Design That Evokes An Emotional Experience: Danielé Perna Connects With The New Breed of Designers

Daniele Perna
Danielé Perna & Miguel Sanson

The European aesthetic has developed over centuries and has evolved and branched out in various directions. Today a new breed of designers from Europe and other continents are...

May 10, 2008

Manhattan Interior Designers Interior Architects: Interior IQ

Daniele Perna
New York City Interior Architects Interior Designers: Interior IQ

Welcome to INTERIOR IQ. If you are an aesthetically conscious New Yorker looking for a professional designer, INTERIOR IQ was specifically developed for you to find a designer...

April 30, 2008

Drawn to The Canvas: Grzegorz Stec’s Controlled Violent Brushstrokes

Daniele Perna
Grzegorz Stec’s Drabiny 2008 100 x 100 cm
From Grzegorz Stec's exhibition at the Consulate General of The Republic of Poland in New York City. USA Contact: Marek Osinski at [email protected]

Poem from Grzegorz Stec's website. .......human progress is a growing intensity to notice about half a dozen primary secrets which in the dimness of history pulsate in the shape...

April 17, 2008

Designer Danielé Perna Beneath the Surface

Daniele Perna
Wampeter TV:
Manhattan-based Interior Designer Danielé Perna Discusses the Business of Creativity

Wampeter TV produced an in-depth interview with Danielé Perna, providing insight into the designer’s mind and aesthetic passion. A brief segment of the interview has been...

April 14, 2008

An Insightful Journey To Italy's Campania Region Through the Eyes of New York Interior Designer Daniele Perna

Daniele Perna
Photos: Daniele Perna : (clockwise) The terraces at Hotel Il Gabbiano, Positano; cathedral doors, Sorrento; residence architectural detail, Vietri sul Mare; cliff side chimneys, Sorrento.
While traveling in Italy's Campania region , Danielé took 500 digital photos, which he has edited and pieced together creating a visual journey that illustrates his perspective and understanding, and exemplifies his quote, Design is design: the principals remain the same, regardless of scale, scope or objective." Daniele Perna,

"Culture is Italy's oil, and it must be exploited." Gianni De Michelis, Former Minister of Labor, Italy

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