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Piero Bassetti


About 15 years ago, I coined the word "Italicity" based on the idea of a virtual meeting place, a new kind of piazza, where the 200-250 million people of...

Damiano Beltrami

An Italian in New York

This blog is the journal of a prolonged inexperience. It is the account of an exciting (though not trouble-free) apprenticeship as a New Yorker. Experiencing online house-hunting...

Maria Rita Latto

Diario Italiano

A journal from Rome, registering hopes, moods, and feelings of the Italians having to face the absurdities and paradoxes of their daily life. A way to represent the Belpaese not...

Peter Carravetta


Studies Events Facts Reflections and Reviews About Emigration and Immigration Past Present and Future in the United States, Italy and from Around the World

Mary Saracino

Second Sight

An Italian American Comare's thoughts and comments about life as a second generation paesana.

Stephanie Longo

La via nuova

Keeping Italian America alive in the new millennium.

Crystal May Ainardi

Third degree in the west

Thoughts on the past and future of Italian America in the West Coast. Family, life, food, culture, politics, and neighborhoods -- Garlic Gulch, Seattle.

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Luigi Boccia

Opera, Operatic, Operastic

Let's see: do you like Opera? No. Well, don't run away, maybe exploring this section of i-Italy you'll become an opera aficionado…maybe not, but why not give it a...

Frank Viviano

World Columns

Longtime foreign correspondent Frank Viviano offers i-Italy's readers his unique perspective on world affairs from Europe and around the world.

Rodrigo Praino


A fresh look at politics – American, Italian, and Italian/American – past and present.

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