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Mapping Flowerpots

Mapping Flowerpots

Joseph Sciorra (June 23, 2013)

Pinpointing a New York City folk art.


In an attempt to quantify the ongoing discovery of a New York City folk tradition—which appears to be Italian American—I’ve created this map of sites in Brooklyn where one can find planters decorated with beach pebbles. I’ll be updating the map as I come across new houses.

I’ve located many of these sites with the help of others, in particular Anthony Scotto and Annabella Sciorra. Please let me know if you come across similar decorative work in New York City (and elsewhere!).

View Pebble Planters of Brooklyn in a larger map

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Italian pebble mosaics

Greetings from an Italian transplanted to cowboy country from NY. Imagine my surprise as I search the internet re: Italian folk art and find your wonderful site. For the past year I have been exploring the art of pebble mosaic structures. Having had a recent conversation with my mom about a piece my grandfather made in New Rochelle, I have been intrigued with paying him some homage by creating one in my yard. But I don't know how! One of your articles says that you have been researching the techniques...can you point me in a direction? I would be...Forever grateful in the West (and always missing NY).

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any photos?

Cynthia, I can't help you with technique but I can't help but wonder if you have any photos of your grandfather's creations. If so, please email me at [email protected].