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New York City

David Dinkins (RIP) vs Rudy Giuliani: A Tale of Two Mayors

(02 12 2020) Jerry Krase

In Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities the French Doctor Manette, after spending 18-years in La Bastille in City # 1 (Paris) is released to live in City # 2 (London) with his...

Presidential Non-Endorsement: Bill, "You coulda been a great mayor"

(01 06 2019) Jerry Krase

A more and less tongue in cheek evaluation of Bill DeBlasio's Presidential delusion from one of his (at one time) strongest supporters.

Giovanni Crozzoli, Pebble Flowerpot Artisan

(08 01 2017) Joseph Sciorra

The ongoing search to document New York City's pebble-decorated flowerpots.

U.S.A. Presidential Election 2016: The Italian American Report

(05 12 2016) Jerry Krase

Who will New York City’s Italian Americans voters favor in the upcoming Presidential Election in November? Based on statistical analyses and past voting performance it will be...

Discovering the Black Madonna Right Before My Very Eyes

(24 08 2016) Joseph Sciorra

Learning something new about the historical devotion to the Madonna Nera del Tindari in Manhattan’s East Village.

New York Loves You

(08 07 2016) Darrell Fusaro

Whenever you're willing, she's always eager to take you on a thrilling adventure.

Andrea Cuomo, Immigrant Pebble Artisan

(09 03 2015) Joseph Sciorra

My on-going research on the Italian-American art of pebble decoration leads me to the father and grandfather of two New York State governors.

HUNGRY FOR LOVE: A Conversation about Food, Cinema & Amore!

(24 11 2014) Chiara Montalto

It’s almost Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner, the Holidays are here! What better time to sit down and talk food, cinema and amore with two of my dearest friends,...

Rather Grimm Fairytales

(14 05 2014) Jerry Krase

Dominic M. Recchia is trying to fill the somewhat dirty shoes of incumbent Congressman Michael Grimm. However, I must warn him that strange things have happened to those elected...

Grandma Nunzio Invites You to Tony n' Tina's Wedding - Times Square

(07 04 2014) Annie Rachele Lanzillotto

Grandma Nunzio WANTS YOU!

Pizzagate According to Me (Pizzagate secondo me)

(16 01 2014) Jerry Krase

As with abstinence, Pizzagate leaves a great deal to be desired.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gracie Mansion

(07 01 2014) Jerry Krase

There have been so many complaints about Bill De Blasio’s inauguration in the right-wing (di destra) mass media and apologies in the left-wing (di sinistra) mass media that I...

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