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Whose Day Is It Anyway?

Whose Day Is It Anyway?

Joseph Sciorra (September 21, 2011)
Diane di Prima

Poet Diana di Prima offers alternative Italian-American heroes to Columbus.


“Whose Day Is It, Anyway?”
The Poet Mulls over Some of the Choices





Frank Capra of Happy Endings & Leftist Leanings Day!
That’s one we could use.
Il Giorno di Leslie Scalapino!
Il Giorno di Ben Gazzara!
Il Giorno di Sacco e Vanzetti!
Il Giorno di Martino Scorsese.
Il Giorno di Tomaso Centolella
Tutti giorni sono giorni di Sacco e Vanzetti

Is it your day, Rocky Graziano,
idol of my teen years
with your thick voice on the radio
“It was a good fight
I was in good condition
Hello, Ma”
(I got your autograph at a grocery store on Spring St)

Madonna Mia or as we used to say
Back in the Day
It was Connie Francis Day

Then a few years later it was
Julie Bovasso Day
Julie doing “The Maids”
in a tiny downtown theatre,
turning gender & theatre around/1952
Whose day is it anyway?
Maybe we could rename it
every year–
Then maybe today would be
Tony La Russa Day?
Carpe Diem, Tony!
You never know, you know?
Jimmy Giuffre
Whose Day is it?
Alan Alda
Joe Lovano


Judy Canova Day
Her loud voice on the big wooden radio

            “Good night, Mrs. Calabash
(or whatever that name was he said
week after week
I never figured it out–)
Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash
wherever you are”
And the grown-ups would turn off the radio
and we’d go to bed

O It’s Louis Prima Day, for sure!
We gotta have one of those!
Or wait
Who knew it could be
Frank Zappa Day
Was he actually born on this planet?


Aha! I’ve got it–
Yogi Berra Day
Yogi Berra Day
You choose

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Who to name

Sister Blandina Segale who met up with gunslingers and cowboys in the wild west! Too bad the infamous Cabrini Greens in Chicago were named for her.

Great Post

Great Post I am sooooo tired of the Columbus thing. Every year the Italian Americans in my town go crazy about Columbus. The rest of the year - nobody to talk about. Not to mention that they are all southern Italian and he was northern - and all the goes with that.

What's worng with that?

Yeah, tell me about it...freedom of speech sucks doesn't it?

What's wrong with southerns cheering from a northern guy? It's a great example of full-Italian (from the Alps to Lampedusa) pride.

Jeez, stay home, go camping, eat some me compare you'll feel much better.

Columbus Day as an Italian

Columbus Day as an Italian American celebration is the brain child of a few "prominenti" in the early 20th century: Italian Americans who, by latching on to Columbus' coattails, wished to promote their own interests, trying to elevate themselves in the eyes of white Americans who looked down on Italian immigrants. Then, Columbus was an American hero and everyone love him; now that no one cares much about him, Italian Americans, largely ignorant of their own history in this country seem to think it is their duty to defend him. One of many cruel jokes perpetrated within the Italian American community on the Italian American community. The old dagoes couldn't care less for Columbus, and neither could I. It's time we celebrate Italian American history and not be mules for the prominenti.