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Italian American Monuments, Gramsci-style

(30 07 2013) Laura E. Ruberto

Upon visiting Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument in the Bronx, passing reflections on impermanence, aesthetics, and what makes something Italian American.

Learning Italian in a Los Angeles kindergarten

(10 10 2011) Judith Harris

There is a public, not a private, school in California that is unique: it offers its students, beginning in kindergarten, full immersion in studies of a second language, which can...

Whose Day Is It Anyway?

(21 09 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Poet Diana di Prima offers alternative Italian-American heroes to Columbus.

Blame it on Columbus

(13 10 2010) Jerry Krase

This year's reflection on the Columbus Day Parade in New York City has become much more problematic as at least one of the Italian American characters who was proudly marching in...

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? And Why?

(07 10 2007) Fred Gardaphe

Columbus, like many figures of history, has outlived his usefulness for all Americans, but for Italian Americans he continues to represent the struggle their immigrant forbearers...

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