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Hollywood Photographer Shares New View of Venice

(18 02 2016) Darrell Fusaro

When I interviewed photographer Charles Christopher near his home in California, I asked him what it is about Italy that makes it so attractive to most Americans. “Everything..

La pace degli Dei

(13 01 2016) Peppe Voltarelli

La pace degli Dei

Italy in Retrograde

(11 06 2014) George De Stefano

Superficial and banal, Gianni Amelio's documentary about Italian gay life is a major disappointment

Pizzagate According to Me (Pizzagate secondo me)

(16 01 2014) Jerry Krase

As with abstinence, Pizzagate leaves a great deal to be desired.

CHEF'S TABLE with RICCARDO: Neapolitan Cuisine (Pizza!)

(19 09 2013) Riccardo Costa

Let's Pizza!

A Chat with Italian top Mixologist Cristina Bini

(21 05 2013) Riccardo Costa

In America we talk more and more about mixologists, who are creators of new drinks, engineers of liquor stills and with their creativity give life to wondrous innovations of...

Political Suicide in New York City and Italy: Part I - Italy

(22 02 2013) Jerry Krase

New York City and Italy have a great deal in common, starting and ending with self-destructive electorates; voters who are intent on putting into office people who, in one way or...

Berlusconi Back Again!

(28 10 2012) Judith Harris

Berlusconi, who has dominated Italian politics for over seventeen years, is not leaving the political scene just yet. What happened?

Cavatelli Pescatrice Style

(23 08 2012) Rosanna Di Michele

I’m a chef, a caterer, an Italian mom and now a blogger too! I will be sharing here on i-Italy my authentic Italian recipes and my tips to spice up your meals for a flavorful...

Gore Vidal's Love Affair with Italy

(01 08 2012) Judith Harris

For over three decades Gore Vidal spent six months a year in Italy, living between Rome and the magnificent southern town of Ravello, on the Amalfi coast. He was proud that...

A New Family Style for Italy

(22 07 2012) Judith Harris

Gay civil unions? The traditional family has always been the bulwark of Italy, its citadel, saving grace and court of financial last resort. But even within this venerable...

Italy is “Too Big to Fail”

(12 05 2012) Dom Serafini

La Dolce Vita Can Resume

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