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Racism/Razzismo Part III: Lest We Forget: Racism Will Make Victims of Us All

(09 10 2008) Jerry Krase

This essay is the third, and last, in my series alluding to the similarities between Bensonhurst 1989 and Italy 2008. It was the second article I wrote for The Brooklyn Free Press...

Scopa For a New Generation

(30 09 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

A tournament for the under-25 set

High and dry. Is Italy failing its high-school students?

(16 09 2008) Walter De Marco

One third of the high-school students in Italy do not complete their first year. It’s the heavy price they pay for having to pick a specialty without adequate guidance

"I Love Italian Shoes"

(13 09 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

An exhibit featuring a variety of “Made in Italy” shoes on display throughout New York Fashion Week

Higher ed-spresso. The joys and woes of an Italian college student

(02 09 2008) Walter De Marco

Inefficient services and unaffordable housing may result in academic delays and financial distress for students.

English, “or something like it”

(26 08 2008) Walter De Marco

Italian students of all ages and areas of specialization are required to study English as a second language. But are they actually learning to speak and/or write in the language...

Sister Act III

(25 08 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

An Italian priest launches a beauty contest exclusively for nuns.

Organized Crime: Source Of Italy's Economic Strength

(17 08 2008) Dom Serafini

The publisher of an English-language Italian-American publication, for which I write a regular column, rejected the following article because it "doesn't promote a positive image...

A family business? Nepotism in Italian universities

(06 08 2008) Walter De Marco

An expat Italian professor in the United States denounced illegal hiring procedures in Italian academia. As a result, university officials and professors from across the country...

“Italians sunbathe as Gypsy girls drown.”

(24 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

On vacation, Italy’s rightward turn haunts me.

Brain Busters. Injustice and negligence at two Italian universities

(22 07 2008) Walter De Marco

Two doctoral students experienced similar injustices by Italian professors 15 years apart.

Does misery love company? Italy’s Roma

(01 07 2008) Judith Harris

Few are more miserable these days than the Roma, or Gypsies, in Italy, whose camps are being bulldozed, whose shacks are being firebombed, and whose children now risk being...

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