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Bloomberg versus Berlusconi

(03 11 2009) Jerry Krase

As one looks closely at the behavior and battles of Bloomberg and Berlusconi it seems that, besides being big buck billionaires, they have a great deal more in common than lots of...

Personal Choice, Political Act

(11 10 2009) George De Stefano

The De-Baptism Movement Comes to Italy

USA versus Italy: Diversity versus Mixing

(05 10 2009) Jerry Krase

Many otherwise astute Italian-born commentators on American life often mistake the grand indicators of diversity in American population statistics as indicators of extensive...

What Determines High-Quality Olive Oil?

(04 09 2009) Mattie John Bamman

I took a short respite from wine this week to learn about the complex world of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. Puglia produces two-thirds of all the olive oil in Italy, and...

Pirro Varone: Organic Wine In Southern Italy

(28 08 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Piero Ribezzo, owner of Pirro Varone Winery, talks about roses, cellphones, and organic wine among his Primitivo grapevines in Manduria, Italy.

Southern Italian Cult Wine: Q&A with Sergio Botrugno

(19 08 2009) Mattie John Bamman

Sergio Botrugno, winemaker at Botrugno Winery, keeps production down and quality high, gaining a small but fervent following around the world. At his winery in Brindisi, Italy, we...

Capitalism Without Capitals

(16 08 2009) Dom Serafini

In Italy capitalism is just an euphemism for state loses and private gain

Representatives to the European Parliament. Reading the Results

(08 06 2009) Judith Harris

This past weekend’s vote for representatives to the European Parliament was read beforehand as a chance to show massive personal support for Premier Silvio Berlusconi and to...

Turning Back the Tide: It's Already Too Late Silvio

(14 05 2009) Jerry Krase

The Italian Right's comically frantic attempts to turn back the clock to a time when non-Italians hadn't polluted (or blessed) Italy's shores is guaranteed to fail (as are...

An American Folklorist in Italy

(21 02 2009) Joseph Sciorra

Alan Lomax’s stunning photographs from Italy (1954-1955) are published.

Metling pot all'italiana

(31 12 2008) Stagisti Inverno 2009

Con più di 60 milioni di italiani il bel paese diventa sempre più multietnico

Bright Moments of a Difficult Year

(15 12 2008) Judith Harris

Some of us think this is a year best forgotten. But let us consider the bright moments.

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