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Pasta Mania


i-ItalyTV presents 9 special pasta recipes sponsored by De Cecco USA. The preparation of these gorgeous dishes were filmed at the De Cecco kitchen in New York City with the participation of Chef Luca Stefani. The narrating voice is by the renowned Italian American actress Antoinette La Vecchia. Recipe supervision by food blogger Viginia Di Falco.

Introducing the recipes are two articles outlining the history of the De Cecco family and business as well as the special production procedures that make their pasta excellent.



De Cecco: How a Love of Pasta Conquered the World

Francesca Sarda

Descendants of a family of pastai (pasta makers) from Abruzzo, the De Cecco brothers have created a multi-national pasta empire by respecting tradition and fostering innovation

De Cecco: The True Colors of Pasta

Francesca Sarda

An interview with Marco De Ceglie, Ceo of 'De Cecco USA' De Cecco’s simple yet eye-catching design symbolizes the natural ingredients of their pasta: wheat and water, sun...

PastaMania #1. "Fettuccine al ragù"

Fettuccine literally means "little ribbons" and refers to the shape of the pasta. It's a flat, thick egg noodle popular in central Italy, and it is often eaten with ragù—a...

PastaMania #2. "Penne zucchine e gamberetti"

In Italy "Gamberetti e zucchine" is one of the best known "mari e monti" dishes (Italian for "surf and turf"). Gamberetti cover the sea and zucchini come from the soil. This...

PastaMania #3. "Rigatoni Zucca e Salsiccia" (Squash and Sausage Rigatoni)

"Zucca", or squash, was imported from America to Europe, thanks to Christopher Columbus. For a long time it hasn't really been appreciated in Italy; it was used mainly by southern...

PastaMania #4. "Spaghetti alla Puttanesca"

This celebrated Southern dish is comparatively young for Italian standards; its popularity spiked in the 1960s. It gets its name from the word "puttana", meaning (pardon our...

PastaMania #5. "Bucatini Cacio e Pepe" (Bucatini with Cheese and Pepper)

Traditionally a Roman dish, "Cacio e pepe" is also popular in other regions throughout central Italy. The name "cheese and pepper" refers to the two basic ingredients of this...

PastaMania #6. "Fusilli alla Carbonara con Carciofi" (Fusilli with eggs, guanciale and artichokes)

"Fusilli alla Carbonara con Carciofi" is a variation on the better known "carbonara", a very popular traditional Roman pasta dish commonly made with eggs and bacon. Yet adding...

PastaMania #7: "Farfalle Funghi Asparagi" (Farfalle with Mushrooms and Asparagus)

Who said Italian cuisine has no vegetarian options? You can find this all-vegetable dish just about anywhere in the boot. However, it originally comes from central Italy --...

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