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Deep-blue sea and stunning mountains, sweet countryside and magnificent art cities — all of this embedded in a history-rich environment offering plenty of gorgeous food and the best wine on earth. Our suggestions to discover Italy bit by bit.


Cilento: Home to the Mediterranean Diet

Virginia Di Falco

It's been that way for centuries... and now a new slow food "presidia": Casalbuono Beans

We Campania: There Is More to Naples Off the Beaten Track

F. G.

On April 18 ENIT hosted an event to present the "We Campania" project, which aims to introduce American tourism operators with the small historical boroughs of the region and...

Gateway to the True Mezzogiorno

Virginia Di Falco

Rivers, mountains, beaches and a sea teeming with fish. This UNESCO World Heritage Site starts at the temples and ancient Greek ruins of Paestum and comprises eighty towns and...

Meet Carlo Pagnotta, Artistic Director Of The Umbria Jazz Festival 

Letizia Airos

Magical music in a magical atmosphere. Thanks to his vision and the generous support of local authorities Umbria has become the jazz capital of Europe. 

Italy of the Little Islands: So Much, in Such a Small Paradise

Eugenio Magnani

Rich in environmental, cultural, and gastronomic diversity, Italy’s many little islands offer tourists unforgettable experiences.

Alba, City on the River

Gianmaria Testa

Now foreigners from around the world come to Alba on the scent of its truffles, wines, hazelnuts. But they, like all of us, are also looking for beauty.

The Langhe. What Makes this Place so Special? The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind!

Letizia Airos

The founder of Eataly talks about Alba and the Langhe, a thriving region located in the heart of Piedmont, between the sea and the Alps

Torino, Then and Now

Riccardo Viale

The former director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York recounts his Turin—how much the city has changed and the challenges it faces today.

Memories of Rome, Bitter and Sweet

Judith Harris

An American journalist and writer who has lived in Rome for the past 40 years reflects on the Eternal City and its icons.

The Eternal City: 3000 Years and Not Feeling Them (Almost)

letizia airos

A conversation with Mayor Ignazio Marino, A member of the center-left Democratic Party, Marino held a seat in the Italian Senate from 2006 until his election as mayor of Rome in...

The Mystery of Underground Naples

O. C.

A Conversation with Msgr. Gennaro Matino. A different sort of trip because “Naples can be visited in so many ways"

Erri De Luca: Naples is the Center of My Entire Nervous System

Letizia Airos

Italian, a little American, and above all Neapolitan.Erri De Luca says he breathes in synchrony with his city. For this master of language, New York and Naples are linked by a...

Visiting the Vatican Beyond the Beaten Path

Gennaro Matino

Most tourists visiting the Vatican do not go any farther than crowded St. Peter's Square or to take a photo in the Sistine Chapel. But if you can go beyond the obvious, a...

Puglia: The Poetry of My Land

Letizia Airos

Nichi Vendola, governor of Apulia, talks with us about his region, its beauty and richness.

Piedmont: The New Dolce Vita

Benedetta Grasso

Discover Piedmont, a region filled with natural beauty, adventure, delicious food and wine and a thriving and exciting capital.

Turin: Italy’s Fourth-Largest City and What It Has To Offer

Letizia Airos

A conversation with Mayor Piero Fassino on his visit to the U.S. to promote the old capital of the United Kingdom of Italy—today a modern and many-sided city that is still an...

Salina at the United Nations: How Italy Made the Small Powerful

Letizia Airos

In the late Nineties, then Italy’s U.N. Ambassador Paolo Fulci—a Sicilian who calls Salina home—united 32 small, insular states to block a Security Council reform that...

“We Still Sit by the Sea Expecting to See Ulysses’ Ship Pass by...”

Vittorio Taviani

Salina as seen through the eyes of renowned film director who for many years has shared a house on the gorgeous Sicilian island with his brother Paolo, inseparable companion in...

Umbria. Exploring Italy’s Greenest Spot 

Virginia Di Falco

Rich in environmental, cultural, and gastronomic diversity, Italy’s greenest region offers tourists unforgettable experiences. 

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