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Do the correct thing

(18 06 2008) Jerry Krase

Looking for and unfortunately finding common elements in "The Race Debate in America and Italy”

That's Amore!—Sort of.

(17 06 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

An Italian tries to conquer American reality TV with charm, passion and oh yes, a kiddie pool full of spaghetti and meatballs.

Becoming Italian-American

(15 06 2008) Stephanie Longo

Sometimes ethnicity is a choice rather than a fact.

International Press: Italy, a Country Full of Confusion

(09 06 2008) Maria Rita Latto

According to the New York Times, “Italy’s political life has always been absurd, but Mr. Ferrara’s (Il Foglio) recent theatrics touch on something deeper. He is a cultural...

The "Spirit of Italy" in North Pocono

(03 06 2008) Stephanie Longo

Following a lifetime of government service, Francesco Stoppini, of Elmhurst, Pa. now serves as regional Consular Correspondent to Italy.

Diesel + Music = Love

(19 05 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

It might be hard to find the perfect fitting pair of Diesel jeans, but their music campaign makes it easy to find great new music, by largely unknown bands.

An Insightful Journey To Italy's Campania Region Through the Eyes of New York Interior Designer Daniele Perna

(14 04 2008) Daniele Perna

"Culture is Italy's oil, and it must be exploited." Gianni De Michelis, Former Minister of Labor, Italy

Random Images/Thoughts about Italy

(05 04 2008) Jerry Krase

A few random images of Italy and Italian America taken over the years by the author in response to my recent contribution to the "Why Vote?" discussion


(25 03 2008) Jerry Krase

Thinking about and re-thinking about the Iraq War after its Fifth Anniversary.

The Unmaking of the Made Men of Sicily?

(10 02 2008) Judith Harris

The crackdown on Mafia shows Italy at its best. Southern Italian cities, though plagued by many serious problems, no longer seem to be suitable places for a good mobster to hang...

A darkening picture: Painting today’s Italy by numbers

(04 02 2008) Judith Harris

Eurispes, the independent Italian research institute, presented its annual report on the state of the Italian economy and society. One of the sadder elements that leaps from the...

From the “Funk of Disappointment” to the F[l]unking of the Academy

(31 12 2007) Anthony Julian Tamburri

In his NY Times article on the "Funk of Disappointment," Ian Fisher alludes to a most important phenomenon ("brain drain") that, here in the United States, has, and will continue...

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