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L'Italia al tempo di Capaci

(25 11 2014) Alessandro Milone

Quando avevo vent'anni di Ettore de Lorenzo, giornalista Rai

Diary of an economic tragedy: “Look us in the face”

(07 05 2012) Judith Harris

"Open your shutters and look us in the face!" is what a mournful group of widows of debt-related suicide victims shouted last Saturday in Bologna during a demonstration in front...

Free Speech in Italy: Enrico Mentana Speaks Freely

(23 03 2011) Judith Harris

“We decided to have only serious news, without the slush of infotainment" says Enrico Mentana the chief anchorman of La Sette, the lone alternative to the Berlusconi TV chain...

Ride Him, Cowboy

(10 03 2009) George De Stefano

“Brokeback Mountain” Returns to Italian TV, This Time Uncensored

L’Italia torna alla ribalta alla fiera Tv di Cannes

(26 02 2009) Dom Serafini

Rai, Mediaset e De Agostini riportano l'Italia ai tempi d'oro dell'audiovisivo internazionale

Famous Quotes

(02 06 2008) Dom Serafini

Questions that are also answers in both English and in the original Italian language.

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