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New York City

A Day, or so, in the Life of Jerry Krase, De Blasio Campaign Volunteer

(24 11 2013) Jerry Krase

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn began Ivan’s bitterly cold and dark day as a forced laborer in a Gulag camp; mine began a bit more leisurely on a brilliantly warm and sunny Tuesday...

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers Part II

(23 09 2013) Jerry Krase

While I, and other self-confessed “Progressives” celebrate the victory of Bill De Blasio in the recent New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary, there is need to pause and...

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers

(23 08 2013) Jerry Krase

Bill De Blasio I believe has the best chance among real progressives to win the mayoralty and to take New York City in a different, more hopeful direction. It’s time for New...

Gramsci Comes to The Bronx: Too Little and Too Late

(07 07 2013) Jerry Krase

Whereas Jesus Christ stopped at Eboli on his way elsewhere and has yet to make a confirmed appearance anywhere in the bailiwick of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, I am happy to report...

Mapping Flowerpots

(23 06 2013) Joseph Sciorra

Pinpointing a New York City folk art.

Flatlands Flowerpot Find

(24 05 2013) Joseph Sciorra

More on the continuing saga of the mysterious planters.

Decorated Planters on Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn

(22 05 2013) Joseph Sciorra

A new cache of beach pebble flowerpots in East Flatbush.

A moribund italianità.

(11 12 2012) Joseph Sciorra

Some thoughts on presepi, creativity, and death.

San Gennaro Feast Features ITALIAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS, Sept. 13-23

(12 09 2012) IAWA .

For the first time, The Italian American Writers Association, Old St. Patrick’s Basilica, and the Lt. Joseph Petrosino Lodge (OSIA) are hosting an Italian-American authors’...

The New Negative Image of Italian Americans

(23 08 2012) Joseph Sciorra

The inane opinions of a few and the diminution of Italian America.

Craftsmanship Documented

(21 02 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Italian Americans at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Man Who Played Judas

(26 09 2010) Joseph Sciorra

In Search of an Italian-American Actor.

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