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New York City

How To Enjoy Art Like a Pro

(03 08 2010) Fuzzy Fusaro

Simply know this: the idea that you must be sophisticated or knowledgeable to appreciate fine art is erroneous.

Bloomberg versus Berlusconi

(03 11 2009) Jerry Krase

As one looks closely at the behavior and battles of Bloomberg and Berlusconi it seems that, besides being big buck billionaires, they have a great deal more in common than lots of...

iawa celebrates 19 years at a party Sept 25th, 2009. All welcome to join and come.

(29 08 2009) Annie Lanzillotto a.k.a. Rachele Coraggio

I sat with Bob Viscusi, of iawa, Italian American Writers' Association, and talked about the past 19 years of iawa, and upcoming party September 25th, 2009. Bob invites you to...

Politics and Corruption have Deep Roots

(23 09 2008) Jerry Krase

When a New York City Assemblyman is indicted for "Putting his Office Up for Sale" we should explore the roots of the problem and its solution.

A digital message in a bottle.

(14 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A test of the Internet and's power to connect.

Drawn to The Canvas: Grzegorz Stec’s Controlled Violent Brushstrokes

(30 04 2008) Daniele Perna

Poem from Grzegorz Stec's website. .......human progress is a growing intensity to notice about half a dozen primary secrets which in the dimness of history pulsate in the shape...

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