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In the Italian Kitchen

November 10, 2012

A.L.C. Italian Grocery

Michele Scicolone
Extra Virgin Olive Oil at A.L.C. Italian Grocery

Louis and Alison Coluccio have opened A.L.C. Italian Grocery in Brooklyn

October 21, 2012

Expo Milano 2015

Michele Scicolone

140 countries from around the world are expected to participate in Expo Milano 2015

May 4, 2012

Michele Scicolone
Chef Michael White cooks with Parmigiano-Reggiano

The Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano launched its new website with a cooking demonstration by Chef Michael White.

January 13, 2012

Two Italian Master Chefs at the International Day of Italian Cuisines

Michele Scicolone
Chef Pino Cuttaia's Cannolo Cornucopia tells the story of Sicily's history

Two days of cooking demonstrations and tastings culminated in master classes with Chefs Gennaro Esposito of Torre del Saraceno in Vico Equense and Pino Cuttaia of La Madia in...

December 18, 2011

Making Perfect Struffoli

Michele Scicolone
Struffoli, Pignolata or Honey Balls

No matter what you call them, it just wouldn't be Christmas with struffoli, pignolata or honey balls. Here is a link to a recipe and some tips.

November 21, 2011

Cucina Povera

Michele Scicolone
Cucina Povera, Tuscan Peasant Cooking

Cucina Povera is a nostalgic look at Tuscan peasant cooking by Pamela Sheldon Johns

July 30, 2011

The Authentic Italian Table Seal of Quality Awards

Michele Scicolone
Cannoli from Cacio e Vino Restaurant

18 New York area restaurants were awarded The Seal of Quality award for their commitment to authentic Italian cuisine

July 10, 2011

Abruzzo's Trabocchi Coast

Michele Scicolone
Photo by Michele Scicolone
A traditional trabocco near Fossacessia in Abruzzo

Fishing platforms built over the Adriatic are typical along the Abruzzo Coast.

June 7, 2011

Dinner with Montalbano

Michele Scicolone
Pasta col Ragu Siciliana

A dinner with recipes from I Segreti della Tavola di Montalbano--Le Ricette di Andrea Camilleri by Stefania Campo

May 24, 2011

Salumi, Pizza and Clavesana Dolcetto

Michele Scicolone
Michele Scicolone
Clavesana Dolcetto Party

Friends from the Piedmont winery Clavesana were in New York City recently to introduce their wines.

March 28, 2011

Celebrating L'Artusi

Michele Scicolone
Pellegrino Artusi, Author of Scienza in Cucina e L'Arte di Mangiar Bene

A panel discussion on the life and work of Pellegrino Artusi on the 100th anniversary of his death.

February 3, 2011

La Cucina Italiana as Inspiration and Motivation

Michele Scicolone
Darrell Corti, Panelist and Fred Plotkin, Panel Host at Vino 2011

"Has the Popularity of la Cucina Italiana Surpassed French Cuisine as the Source of Inspiration and Motivation for Future Chefs?" was the subject of a lively panel discussion at...

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