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The Authentic Italian Table Seal of Quality Awards

The Authentic Italian Table Seal of Quality Awards

Michele Scicolone (July 30, 2011)
Cannoli from Cacio e Vino Restaurant

18 New York area restaurants were awarded The Seal of Quality award for their commitment to authentic Italian cuisine


On Wednesday, June 27,  The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce hosted The Authentic Italian Table, an evening of fine dining showcasing winners of the prestigious "Ospitalita Italiana -- Ristoranti nel Mondo" Seal of Quality Award at Guastavino, an event space on 59th Street.

The Seal of Quality award is a promotion of Italy's National Institute of Tourism to recognize restaurants around the world who are committed to authentic Italian cuisine.  Among other requirements, the restaurants must prove that they use DOP and IGP products from Italy including extra virgin olive oil, feature Italian wines, present diners with menus written in correct Italian, and have at least one Italian speaking employee on staff.

So far, 27 restaurants in the New York City Area have received the Ospitalita Italiana Seal of Quality award.  The recipients are entitled to display a plaque in their restaurants certifying their participation.  

18 restaurants participated in the event on Wednesday offering tastings of some of their signature dishes.   Among the delicious offerings were arancini and cannoli from Cacio e Vino, lasagne from Il Gattopardo, salumi and porchetta from Il Gattopardo, and bigne from Tiella. Casa Vinicola Zonin provided some of the evening's wines and Birra Morretti offered beer.

I have been to many of these restaurants and look forward to visiting the others.  Until my next trip to Italy, I know I can rely on them for a genuine Italian experience right in my own backyard.  Good luck to all of them!  

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