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Sorbillo apre a Little Italy nel cuore di New York

(26 04 2017) Alessandro Milone

Il numero uno dei pizzaioli italiani ha aperto la sua "Zia Esterina Sorbillo 1935" nel cuore di Manhattan, nel quartiere storico di Little Italy.

Nominati i 75 ambasciatori del Made in Italy. Sorbillo unico pizzaiolo d'Italia

(11 06 2016) Alessandro Milone

Alla presenza del Presidente Mattarella, nominati i 13 maestri dell’enogastronomia italiana, all'interno dei 75 maestri d'arte e di mestiere d'Italia. Gino Sorbillo unico...

Sorbillo e la pizza per raccontare Napoli

(03 12 2015) Alessandro Milone

La storia della pizza e della famiglia Sorbillo raccontata nel libro cult "La pizza di Napoli" di Angelo Cerulo e curato da Francesco Aiello

Learn how to make pizza with Two-Time World Pizza Champion Fabio Ferrari!

(22 12 2014) Darrell Fusaro

Prior to opening Piccolo Chef in 2008, Tina and Lilian worked as a team for 12 years at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Los Angeles (Cultural Center of the Italian Consulate...

Pizzagate According to Me (Pizzagate secondo me)

(16 01 2014) Jerry Krase

As with abstinence, Pizzagate leaves a great deal to be desired.

CHEF'S TABLE with RICCARDO: Neapolitan Cuisine (Pizza!)

(19 09 2013) Riccardo Costa

Let's Pizza!

A Pizza Demonstration by Two Great Pizzaioli

(29 03 2011) Charles Scicolone

Neapolitan Pizza and BYOB

A Neapolitan Pastry Chef in New Jersey

(18 01 2011) Michele Scicolone

Neapolitan pastry chef Sabatino Sirica gave a series of classes at A Mano in Ridgewood, New Jersey

With a Heaping of Passion, a Means to Authenticity?

(04 07 2010) Louis Coluccio

To find authenticity, perhaps we should focus less on the ingredients and technique and more on the intent?

My Trip To The Old Country

(11 05 2010) Johnny DeCarlo

I was transported into a paradise

An American with an Italian name; hindrance or advantage?

(06 03 2010) Darrell Fusaro

Most Italian-Italians, the ones from Italy, that is, always seem to be curious as to how we Italian-Americans are perceived by others in America. With all the news they’ve...

Interview with a True "Pizzaiolo", Roberto Caporuscio

(18 04 2009) Charles Scicolone

With all of the pizzerias here in New York City, we are thrilled to have Pizzeria Keste which is dedicated to making genuine Neapolitan style pizza. Roberto Caporuscio is a true...

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