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Things I miss about Naples

(07 06 2009) Marina Melchionda

New York, 2 am. Thoughts of an Italian-American girl

Thinking Neapolitan

(14 03 2009) Joseph Sciorra

The Canzone Napoletana as Transnational Subject

“O’ Giglio e Paradiso”: An Italian-American Musical Classic

(09 07 2008) Joseph Sciorra

What the Brooklyn giglio feast and an obscure musician might tell us about Italian-American culture.

Does misery love company? Italy’s Roma

(01 07 2008) Judith Harris

Few are more miserable these days than the Roma, or Gypsies, in Italy, whose camps are being bulldozed, whose shacks are being firebombed, and whose children now risk being...

Naples Walks Alone, on Burning and Bloodied Sidewalks

(06 06 2008) Judith Harris

"The territory is divided into fiefs; leadership is turned over to a capozona (local boss); membership is expanded through blood ties; and they show an extraordinary capacity to...

Mob Violence Against Gypsies in Naples

(15 05 2008) Ottorino Cappelli

Many Italians are making immigrants subject to the same nativistic prejudices, racism, and hate crimes that have harassed their grandparents and great grandparents in foreign...

Mozzarella Politics, Naples (Italy)

(30 03 2008) Judith Harris

The source of the problem is not the farmer. It is illegal dumping by criminal bands who are in bed with predatory politicians, and this means that the problem is political.

What Do Pizza, Mario Merola, and the Camorra Have to Do with Ikea?

(14 03 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

A long-lost relative from Brooklyn finds his way to an Italian kids' movie.

The Indiscreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

(24 02 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A mysterious Italian woman, perhaps a lover, reveals a robber baron’s not-so-hidden ghosts.

A darkening picture: Painting today’s Italy by numbers

(04 02 2008) Judith Harris

Eurispes, the independent Italian research institute, presented its annual report on the state of the Italian economy and society. One of the sadder elements that leaps from the...

Gianni Raimondi: a glorious Italian tenor

(27 01 2008) Luigi Boccia

Tenor Gianni Raimondi doesn't really need an introduction. Fans around the world still refer to him as the best Rodolfo (Bohéme), the most elegant Alfredo (Traviata) and an...

Healthy Italy, but Naples poisoned by garbage

(05 01 2008) Judith Harris

In a polite letter to the New York Times Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato pointed out that the Italian national health care system is ranked by the World Health...

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