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Italian American

Roberto Saviano and the Problems of Italian America

(03 01 2012) Anthony Julian Tamburri

Along with the various observations that have been made by three of our esteemed colleagues (De Stefano, Gardaphé, Krase), and I must emphasize that I am in agreement as well...

A Discarded Photograph Encapsulates the American Dream

(11 12 2011) Darrell Fusaro

The man's smile was irresistible. I had to pick up the photograph.

With a Heaping of Passion, a Means to Authenticity?

(04 07 2010) Louis Coluccio

To find authenticity, perhaps we should focus less on the ingredients and technique and more on the intent?

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Vote for the Guy Whose Name Ends in “O.”

(12 06 2010) Jerry Krase

Two (or perhaps three) people with Italian-sounding last names are simultaneously running for governor of the State of New York. This means that Italian American voters will have...

My Interview with actor Tony Denison

(31 05 2010) Darrell Fusaro

Recently I was on the set with professional actor and Italian-American, Tony Denison. He is one of the Emmy nominated ensemble cast members of the hit show, “The Closer,”...

Californians Sell Little Italy, One Crate at a Time

(02 12 2009) Laura E. Ruberto

Fruit and Vegetable Crate Labels in California and the Italian Americans They Created

This is Gonna be Harder Than I Thought

(21 09 2009) Renata Conte

Another attempt at bonding with my fellow Italian-Americans

Camille Paglia’s Androgyny Aesthetics - Why Italian Americans love the Sopranos

(13 06 2009) Tom Verso

“Bourgeois English department feminist promoting cancellation of male concentration and projection cut no ice at the corner garage…on the streets…” - or with Soprano fans..

Remembering D-Day, Italian American Style

(01 06 2009) Jerry Krase

  There are many Italian American World War II heroes. Between my wife's family and mine we have about a dozen or so. To name a few: her Uncles Joe, Frank, Anthony, and...

Towards an Italian American Curriculum - Lampedusa’s “The Leopard” is a pedagogical gold mine.

(27 05 2009) Tom Verso

With only 9% of Italian Americans over 18 in college and 70% have an education level of less than a bachelor’s degree, the time is long overdue to consider curriculum changes to...

Camille Paglia: A Crown Jewel of Italian Americana Languishes in the Shadow of the Sopranos

(17 05 2009) Tom Verso

An Italian American tragedy - a ‘low-brow’ culture that can’t read Paglia because of low education levels. She doesn’t write books for the beach.

To Educate Italian American Children…or NOT??

(23 04 2009) Tom Verso

Italian Americans are generally not highly educated, and they are especially lacking in education about their history and culture. Can there be Culture without Education?

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