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Italian American

BLOOD TYPE: RAGU. Irreverent with Love

(09 03 2009) Fred Gardaphe

An Inter(e)view with playwright and actor Frank Ingrasciotta

Remembrance of Jews past, but never lost

(28 01 2009) Jerry Krase

Being reminded of International Holocaust Remembrance Day makes me recall many things... past present and future..

A Tribute To My Aunt Jennie

(10 12 2008) Stephanie Longo

Jennie Longo Moeller came from Guardia dei Lombardi, Italy to Scranton, Pa. when she was 6 years old and built a life that most people can only dream of.

Italicity: Who, What, Where, When and How's Italian

(22 11 2008) Jerry Krase

Piero Bassetti's expansive notion of Italicity not only raises not only great expectations but also many important questions that must be addressed before its potential can be...

"Obama" ends in a Vowel

(31 10 2008) Jerry Krase

With the United States Presidential Election Campaign about to end, I am sure that we will be barraged in the mass and not so mass media by last minute appeals to ethnic,...

Miracle on the Hill

(02 08 2008) Stephanie Longo

Scranton’s Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Ann is the site of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest annual religious celebration.

Summer Reading, Italian-American Style?

(29 07 2008) Marisa Iallonardo

In search of a great, modern-day Italian-American book

Remembering Rocco Caporale

(06 07 2008) Stephanie Longo

Noted sociologist was also the premier scholar of the 1980 Irpinia-Basilicata Earthquake

No Wonder His Happy Heart Sings

(06 07 2008) Stephanie Longo

Take love of community, ethnic pride, and add a dash of Dean Martin and you have Scranton’s own Jack DeLeo.

Guys Named Rocco

(22 06 2008) Stephanie Longo

Why do we accept the unacceptable?

The "Spirit of Italy" in North Pocono

(03 06 2008) Stephanie Longo

Following a lifetime of government service, Francesco Stoppini, of Elmhurst, Pa. now serves as regional Consular Correspondent to Italy.

Connecting Through the Corsa

(28 05 2008) Stephanie Longo

Jessup, Pennsylvania’s St. Ubaldo Day celebrates family, friends, and the bond between Italy and the United States.

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