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Linking the Diaspora Cinematically

(23 05 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Australia’s Federation of Italian Migrant Workers and their Families holds its “The Weird Mob 2: The Italian Invasion” Film Festival.

Love Costs: Filipinos in Italy and the Movie, "Milan"

(04 03 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

What better place than Italy for immigrants to find both a job and a lover?


(31 12 2007) Laura E. Ruberto

From Southern Italy to Southern California, rural Italy's turn as the Golden State.

La Spartenza – Unforgettable Suitcases

(19 11 2007) Letizia Airos Soria

La Spartenza, a stage play directed by Enzo Toto was performed last Monday at the Italian Academy at Columbia University in New York. Teatro del Baglio di Vìllafrati, a theater...

We Are All Romanians

(04 11 2007) Ottorino Cappelli

"We must prevent this terrible tiger, which is xenophobic rage, the racist beast, from getting out of control." (Giuliano Amato, Italy’s Interior Minister)

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