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Wise Men Melchior and Balthazar banned in northern Italian city.

(03 01 2010) Joseph Sciorra

A story about racism in contemporary Italy so absurd it could be true.

Beware the Boomerang

(09 07 2009) George De Stefano

Italian activists confront racism and homophobia

"The Africans Will Probably Save Italy"

(14 05 2009) George De Stefano

Saviano hails the “forgotten courage” of immigrants

Turning Back the Tide: It's Already Too Late Silvio

(14 05 2009) Jerry Krase

The Italian Right's comically frantic attempts to turn back the clock to a time when non-Italians hadn't polluted (or blessed) Italy's shores is guaranteed to fail (as are...

What Makes a Citizen?

(11 05 2009) George De Stefano

Italians are leaving Italy, poor immigrants are trying to get in, and descendants of Italian immigrants are applying for Italian citizenship.

The Invisible Victims of the Abruzzo Earthquake

(11 04 2009) Laura E. Ruberto

An unknown number of documented and undocumented immigrants in Abruzzo have died or lost their homes because of the recent earthquake.

Are you (we) stupid or what?

(02 04 2009) Jerry Krase

Solving global and national crises requires accurate and timely information. Television news and information programming is little help in that regard.

Metling pot all'italiana

(31 12 2008) Stagisti Inverno 2009

Con più di 60 milioni di italiani il bel paese diventa sempre più multietnico

Bright Moments of a Difficult Year

(15 12 2008) Judith Harris

Some of us think this is a year best forgotten. But let us consider the bright moments.

Notes on the Passing of Rudy Vecoli

(25 06 2008) Jerry Krase

The passing of Rudolph J. Vecoli is a great loss but his legacy is much greater.

Do the correct thing

(18 06 2008) Jerry Krase

Looking for and unfortunately finding common elements in "The Race Debate in America and Italy”

Francesco Pepe, My Dutch Paisan

(24 05 2008) Joseph Sciorra

A digital tale of diasporic linkages between Old and New Amsterdams.

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