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Finding the Right Words?

(14 01 2018) Jerry Krase

A few days ago, while watching Al Jazeera, or was it the dreaded Russian Television Network during lunch, I was not at all surprised to hear that the most-articulate-ever...

The Italian American Contribution to Trump's Muslim Immigration Ban

(01 02 2017) Jerry Krase

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution (1979) simply states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise...

Immigration to American: Good, Bad, and Ugly: Our Continuing Conversation

(02 05 2016) Jerry Krase

Although I agree that people should have the right to live where they wish and that coming to America is preferable to many other places, I disagree with overly generous views of...

Ellis Island versus Lampedusa

(30 01 2016) Jerry Krase

Comparing their current immigration policies with those of the United States of America from more than a century ago can be a valuable learning experience for Italy and the...

IAWA Features Two Edgy Characters: Robert Agnoli and Thomas Fucaloro Sat., Nov. 14 at Cornelia St. Cafe

(24 10 2015) IAWA .

The Italian American Writers Association will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2016. Since 1991, IAWA has given voice to writers through its literary series every second Saturday...

Tales of Two Cities

(10 06 2015) George De Stefano

Naples' Mayor Luigi de Magistris talks about immigration and the ties between his city and New York

Race, Racism, and Italianità

(17 02 2015) George De Stefano

Historian Peter Vellon's new book documents how the Italian immigrant press "constructed" Italian Americans

Family Drama

(26 01 2015) George De Stefano

An Off-Broadway revival of Joseph Pintauro's play Snow Orchid inspires a conversation about mental health and immigration.

Do you Need a Lawyer?

(26 02 2014) Annalisa Liuzzo

Occasionally, as attorneys, we are asked to justify why an individual should hire a lawyer to represent him/her in the immigration process. It's a tough question to answer. To...

Seeing Cities Change: Shameless Promotion of My Books Part I

(02 04 2012) Jerry Krase

Seeing Cities Change is one of two of my recently published books that deal in large part with Italy and Italian America.

Rethinking 150 Years

(17 03 2011) Joseph Sciorra

The living links between Italian unification and Italian emigration.

At Lampedusa, “the end of the world”

(21 02 2011) Judith Harris

The Sicilian island where hope and desperation coexist has become a prime transit site for illegal immigrants hoping to make it into Europe

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