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A Cuomo Change of Mind

A Cuomo Change of Mind

Jerry Krase (March 20, 2020)
Jerry Krase
It's not easy to draw him with a nonforgivingly cheap ballpoint pen, as he has an enormous number of creases in his face that only his mother Matilda could love.

Over the past three or so years of "45" chaos, I've come to radically rethink who belongs in my pantheon of Italian American leaders. In contrast to "45" and the President's cowardly sycophants, Andrew M. Cuomo, the Governor of New York State has been added to my shortlist because of his forceful and well-informed leadership in our battle against COVID19.


Over the past three or so years of

  "45-induced" national chaos supported by too many voters of Italian descent, I've come to radically rethink who belongs on my rapidly diminishing pantheon of Italian American leaders in public service. In contrast to "45," and the President's line-up of cowardly sycophants, such as Rudy Giuliani, Joe Arpaio, Ron DeSantis, Steve Scalise, Mike Pompeo, Ken Cuccinelli, Maria Bartiromo, and Rick Santorum, among too many others who share half of my ethnic heritage, I have added Andrew M. Cuomo, the Governor of New York State, to my very short list of Italian Americans to be proud of; or at least not embarrassed about. He joins his dad, Mario, Vito Marcantonio, Pete Rodino, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, Frank Barbaro, Sal Albanese, Alessandro Biaggi, and, of course, fellow Brooklynite Tony Fauci -- who is our Italian American hope for solving our deadly health crisis. 

Andy deserves our praise, especially because of his forcefully informed leadership in our life and death struggle against COVID-19. I have not always been a fan of Mario Cuomo's oldest son. In the past, even when he was saying things about which I agree, I found his voice and attitude quite grating; like fingernail chalkboard scraping. His voice has softened, but his know-it-all attitude hasn't changed much. However, in our current time of need, it has become not only tolerable but a welcome antidote to the dangerous misinformation and misdirection coming from "45" and his variously "challenged" inner ciricle of miscreants. 

A few days ago, Andy announced a suspension of mortgage payments, and both residential and commercial evictions for at least 90 days for those facing financial hardship like losing their job. He also will use his executive powers to temporarily postpone or suspend foreclosures, as well as waiving ATM fees for credit cards and overdrafts. He had already announced that New York State would halt collection of student loan debt payments and, even more importantly, the collection of medical debt. Nonessential workers are ordered to stay home (Thank God! liquor stores are considered essential). He stressed that those who are NOT considered vulnerable ought not gather in groups of any size and should avoid public transportation and social distancing (at least 6 feet) is a must.  Governor Cuomo emphasized "These provisions well be enforced.... These are not helpful hints. These are legal provisions, they will be enforced, and there will be a civil fine and mandatory for any business that is not in compliance. Your actions affect my health." "Yours too," he could have added. 

As I write this, my wife is listening to him giving an Albany press conference during which real and true information was given as opposed to the daily babble from "45."  Since both she and I have not been big Andy fans, I was surprised when she exclaimed " He should have run for President!" Just then, I heard him call on the Feds to use the "Defense Production Act," to take control of the manufacturing of needed medical equipment and supplies, instead of relying on the Disaster-Captalism that the White House seems to tolerate, if not encourage, at our expense. 


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