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November 5, 2012

Vote for Barack Obama: America's Number One First Responder

Jerry Krase

Why I'm voting for Obama, and so should you.

September 24, 2012

Vedi Napoli e poi Muori 2012

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Breakfast view from the Marriott Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo

Spending eight days in Naples you learn more about life than death.

June 6, 2012

“Women and the RC Church Misogyny, or Gynophobia? Take your Pick"

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
The first prize I ever won was this crucifix from the nun who taught the Holy Communion religious instruction class I took at Visitation RC Church near the Red Hook Houses where I lived as a child. Although I have heard many horror stories about nuns told by people who went to Catholic Schools, my public school Wednesday afternoon released time for religious instruction memories are distinctly fond ones.

A small collection of conservative Roman Catholic Bishops are making it difficult for nuns and other Catholic women to do the work they have been called to do. The disarray in the...

April 27, 2012

The Status of Interpretation in Italian American Studies: Shameless Promotion of My Books, Part II

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase San Gennaro, Mulberry Street 2006
In the fall of 2006 I gave a walking tour of New York’s Mulberry Street Little Italy for an Elderhostel group. This is one of the sights that greeted us on the trip. I interpret the display to mean that San Gennaro was a cigar smoker.

The First Annual Forum in Italian American Criticism was held in Manhattan in 2008 at which internationally renowned scholars were invited to comment on “The Status of...

April 2, 2012

Seeing Cities Change: Shameless Promotion of My Books Part I

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase Carroll Street, Brooklyn 1998
Somethings don't change. Here, at the turn of the 21st Century, is an Italian American village on Carroll Street, Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal. It is not far from where my wife Suzanne's grandparents, the Giordanos, lived at the turn of the 20th Century.

Seeing Cities Change is one of two of my recently published books that deal in large part with Italy and Italian America.