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December 21, 2011

Sodom versus Gomorra

Jerry Krase

In the second of a series of commentaries by Italian-American intellectuals on Roberto Saviano's recent talk about Mafia at the New York University, Jerry Krase “agree(s)...

September 20, 2011

(Re)Making Meaning of 9/11: A Decade Later

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
When the Twin Towers fell, many New Yorkers felt the need to visually express their grief. Here on 7th Avenue in Park Slope one car owner used his rear window as a canvas.

To try to make meaning out of 9/11, every year since 2001 I have retraced my steps to re-photograph how my neighbors displayed their feelings about the tragedy. As time has passed...

August 5, 2011

From Bensonhurst to Oslo and Beyond

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Last year I walked around in Oslo, and as I have done in so many other places, I tried to visually capture the commonplace aspects of local neighborhoods there. This was a place where migrants from many different places had created a home. Anders Behring Breivik and I probably have different takes on this scene.

Negative, or at least puzzled, reactions to visibly different newcomers is universal. Whether in America, Italy or Norway, learning how to see difference positively as part of all...

June 28, 2011

The "Right" to Marry

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Wedding Photo Montmartre, Paris, June 2011

Everyone is talking about the new New York State law that gives non-heterosexual couples the right to get married, but the belated law is really about recognizing homosexuals as...

January 27, 2011

Anti-Italian Bias: Surreal or Not Surreal, That is the Question

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
A parrot on the bird feeder in your backyard after a snow storm in Brooklyn, New York is surreal. Mob round-ups, Silvio Berlusconi's antics, and "Jersey Shore" are not.

When they are covered in the media, Italians and Italian Americans are usually the butts of their own jokes and for some of us this is not a laughing matter. Fighting back is like...