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October 9, 2008

Racism/Razzismo Part II: Yusuf Hawkins and the Closing of the American Mind

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
This is a summer evening scene of a peaceful, well-kept, and otherwise "insular" street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. In 1989 the neighborhood's reputation was forever stained by a small group of racist young men.

This was the first of two articles I wrote in The Brooklyn Free Press shortly after Yusuf Hawkins' murder in the summer of 1989. Although it concerns his brutal slaying by a...

October 7, 2008

Bensonhurst and Italia: Racism and Razzismo Part I

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Pedestrian in Rome near the Central Station

The 1989 murder of Afro-American Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn became the icon of Italian American intolerance. Recently there has been a disturbing convergence of real...

September 23, 2008

Politics and Corruption have Deep Roots

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Politics and Corruption seem to have the same democratic roots.

When a New York City Assemblyman is indicted for "Putting his Office Up for Sale" we should explore the roots of the problem and its solution.

September 13, 2008

Nine Eleven Then

Jerry Krase
by Jerry Krase
Perhaps a parent and child put this together. I read the twin tower candles, fire engine and maybe a lost loved one in the form of a doll.

The first of my Memories of September 11th Past, Present, and .....

September 9, 2008

Explaining American Politics: What's Left of Media Bias

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
MSNBC and NBC talk show host Chris Matthews as seen on subway poster in the left-liberal Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The American Right often complains of left-wing media bias, yet the big-time American media, Fox, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, et al are hardly Marxist-Leninist Kommissars.

July 25, 2008

Passing on Italian Family Values

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Nicky in Uniform

How a granddaughter's oration on the passing of her grandfather shows how Italian family values are passed on.

June 25, 2008

Notes on the Passing of Rudy Vecoli

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase Denver Little Italy Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Novemeber 2007
American Italian Historical Assocaition Annual Conference participants on a tour of our Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Denver's Little Italy, November 2007

The passing of Rudolph J. Vecoli is a great loss but his legacy is much greater.

June 18, 2008

Do the correct thing

Jerry Krase
Guess who's gonna be President? and other ruminations

Looking for and unfortunately finding common elements in "The Race Debate in America and Italy”

May 13, 2008

Explaining American Politics: From Clinton to Fossella

Jerry Krase
by Matson, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Explaining American politics to foreigners is not easy especially in this Presidential Campaign Season when you can't tell the pachaderms from the jackasses and vice versa. Ironic...

April 7, 2008

Signs of Italian - Verso Gardaphe

Jerry Krase

i-italy provides a great opportunity for intelligent discourse about the meaning(s) of Italian and Italian American. I hope to contribute to one created by Tom Verso and Fred...

April 5, 2008

Random Images/Thoughts about Italy

Jerry Krase
Jerry Krase
Soon after Columbus arrived in America relationships between Italians and Italian Americans began to change and just as this statue of him in the square named after him those relationships have been very complex indeed.

A few random images of Italy and Italian America taken over the years by the author in response to my recent contribution to the "Why Vote?" discussion

April 5, 2008

Why Vote. Italian Elections Through a half-Italian/American’s Eyes

Jerry Krase

Why it is important for Italians in America as well as Italian-Americans to vote in the Italian elections. What Italy can do for them and those who are not even Italian.

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