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Last Week in NYC!

Last Week in NYC!

Riccardo Costa (May 1, 2012)
riccardo costa/Fratelli la Bufala

What Happened last week in NYC!!!


Last week was marked by the festive opening of the pizzeria / restaurant Fratelli La Bufala. 

It proved to be a real treat and a marvelous spread, worthy of a king, with different types of fresh mozzarella cheese and a mind-boggling fresh  ricotta cheese.   The pizzas delicate and delicious, were baked one after the other, exemplified the warm hospitality of the owners.  Guests were entertained with well-thought original music, a rarity in a restaurant of the city.

 Tables were laden with ham, salami, olives, salami, grilled vegetables, and roasted mushrooms, in short, a triumph of taste, color and delight.
These antipasti tables are becoming a big hit with the sophisticated restaurant goers in NYC. Being a cheese lover myself, this is a restaurant to which I'll return very soon. I already look forward to enjoying more particular dishes cooked with various types of mozzarella cheese.  

Unfortunately, you cannot say the same for the event/party hosted by Audi and Eredi Pisano, a hodgepodge of everything and nothing. It resembled a trunk show, both a fashion show and an exhibition of paintings, questionable from an artistic the point of view. The place, the Audi shop on Park Avenue is really not a proper venue for this type of event. The location is full with cars and it’s hard to walk around the space looking at the objects on sale. The food was nil with two bartenders for a room fully filled with people.  

People were waiting outside in line for no particular reason; if I tried to make my way towards the bar, it would have been better if I had worn a football armor because I was pushed and kicked in order to reach for a warm beer. The fashion show stationed somewhere in the store was accessible only by a few, and goody bags had products for female hair but only if your hair was long and curly. Honestly, I felt a bit of sympathy for the jewelers and artists who exhibited their creations which no one paid much attention to understandably because they had nothing to do with the rest of the event.

In contrast to the above event, there was beautiful music as well as  free drinks with Vodka Texas, at the Tribeca Grand party on Friday evening, a little old-fashioned eclectic New York with bizarre characters some dressed as vampires, a few girls in Annie Lennox and others in Lady Gaga’s style.  Others preferred to follow the nerd fashion trend of "The Big Bang Theory", but all were surrounded by a game of psychedelic lights like techno reminiscent of San Francisco and an acid jazz that edged into pop.


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I was at the Audi one, so

I was at the Audi one, so true it was a mess