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Paul Zarzyski, Italian-American Rodeo Poet

(01 02 2013) Joseph Sciorra

Ethnic recitations in Elko.

Benefit Concert for Calandra Institute, June 10th

(09 05 2011) Joseph Sciorra

John Giorno, Vic Ruggiero, Penny Arcade, and John La Barbera to perform in support of the Calandra Institute.

Guido Poetics

(06 02 2011) Joseph Sciorra

The Muse that is “Jersey Shore.”

Ricordando Vincenzo Ancona

(23 02 2010) Joseph Sciorra

Poet, visual artist, raconteur, singer, immigrant laborer, friend.

Found Gangster Poem

(09 02 2010) Joseph Sciorra

The following lines come from an email sent to editors who, in turn, shared it with me. The words are quoted verbatim and in the order in which they were written, but...

A wall, a poem, a summer epiphany.

(11 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

I am reminded of Eugenio Montale's haunting poem upon discovering a simple barrier wall built by an Italian immigrant in Brooklyn during the 1930s.

Tags I Like

(01 04 2008) Joseph Sciorra

In joyous celebration of April’s National Poetry Month and Fool’s Day, I offer these four “found poems” made entirely from tags I found on

Poet Vincent Ferrini, 1913-2007

(11 01 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Poet Vincent Ferrini, 1913-2007

Ottava Rima in Bensonhurst

(26 12 2007) Joseph Sciorra

In a social club in Brooklyn, the lost poetry of a Sicilian contadino is heard again.

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