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Your Valentine's Italian

(09 02 2016) Darrell Fusaro

What a wonderful surprise to discover that the legend of St. Valentine is not limited to romantic love.

Longer Ferie in Italy this Summer

(24 07 2014) Annalisa Liuzzo

Delay for all non immigrant visa applicants in general and their entry, or reentry to the U.S

“Where the Tall Grasses Grow”: A peek into the secret archives of the Vatican

(01 03 2012) Judith Harris

For the first time in history the Vatican is offering the Roman public and visitors a peek into its famous “secret archives,” its collection of ancient and modern documents...

The Sorminis: Who We Are

(15 02 2012) Bianca Sorminis

I’m from Italy, Paul is from Australia (but born from Italian parents) and we live in China. My daughters are growing up in China but are never going to be Chinese, no matter...

China is Finally Near

(07 01 2012) Judith Harris

Last week in Rome, a Chinese shop owner named Zhou Zeng, his wife Lia and baby daughter, Joy, six months old, were leaving their store when two men whose faces were hidden by...

Award-Winning Poets, Anne Marie Macari and Robert Viscusi Feature at IAWA's Monthly Reading on Saturday, December 10, 2011

(27 11 2011) IAWA .

New York, NY- On Saturday, December 10, 2011, the Italian American Writers Association (IAWA) presents two award-winning poets – Anne Marie Macari who founded and directs the...

The Wine of Rome: Frascati and Fontana Candida

(24 07 2011) Charles Scicolone

Fontana Candida Challenges the Common Perception that Frascati is a Wine to be Only Drunk Young.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Rome & Los Angeles (or Here & Hereafter). All For Just $5,000US!

(28 06 2011) Darrell Fusaro

Last week I met my friend Mike Dugan in downtown Los Angeles to see his new place. It only cost him $5,000 and it is literally - to die for!

In Search of the Real Caravaggio

(09 03 2011) Judith Harris

"Una vita dal vero" is an exhibition on view until May 15 at La Sapienza University that sheds new light on Caravaggio's life thanks to new historical documents meticulously...

The Flames of Protest Envelop Rome

(15 12 2010) Judith Harris

Largo Argentina, Rome, Dec.14, 12:45 pm - Via del Corso was entirely sealed off by police vans, and so a sea of demonstrators took a right angle to surge toward this square, whose...

In our Churches; On our Beaches. The Gypsies of Italy

(08 03 2010) Judith Harris

Can gypsies in Italy be integrated? In spite of the numerous efforts to address the negative image that people have of them, the stereotype in Italy, and not only here, is that...

The Eternal City of Champions

(15 01 2009) Laura E. Ruberto

A few comments on the connections between Pittsburgh, Italians, and American Football.

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