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Roberto Saviano

Silence Is Not the Answer

(22 12 2011) Fred Gardaphe

Saviano is right. Silence is not the answer; protesting dramatic portrayals of mafiosi is not the answer. Italian Americans have spent more time and money fighting fictional...

Sodom versus Gomorra

(21 12 2011) Jerry Krase

In the second of a series of commentaries by Italian-American intellectuals on Roberto Saviano's recent talk about Mafia at the New York University, Jerry Krase “agree(s)...

Fini: “Other dangers” Lie on the Political Horizon. But Just What are They?

(30 05 2010) Judith Harris

"Our Constitution is the foundation and guarantee of the unity of the Republic,” Fini told a group of students visiting the Chamber of Deputies the other day. Ambiguously he...

"The Africans Will Probably Save Italy"

(14 05 2009) George De Stefano

Saviano hails the “forgotten courage” of immigrants

Gomorra fuori dagli Oscar

(14 01 2009) Stagisti Inverno 2009

"Gomorra" del regista Matteo Garrone è stato escluso dalle nove pellicole ancora in lizza per il miglior film straniero.

Naples Walks Alone, on Burning and Bloodied Sidewalks

(06 06 2008) Judith Harris

"The territory is divided into fiefs; leadership is turned over to a capozona (local boss); membership is expanded through blood ties; and they show an extraordinary capacity to...

What Do Pizza, Mario Merola, and the Camorra Have to Do with Ikea?

(14 03 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

A long-lost relative from Brooklyn finds his way to an Italian kids' movie.

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