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New York

Marcony: Capri in NYC

(13 09 2012) Riccardo Costa

I usually never go out to Italian restaurants in NYC. The main reason is that I’m never satisfied with the food because it’s not properly Italian but rather always reinvented...

La Maison Kayser is in NYC!

(07 09 2012) Riccardo Costa

The opening of La Maison Kayser in NYC was a well orchestrated success. A crowd of young elegantly hip people lined up in front of this new establishment on third avenue at 74th...

New York Cook out 2012: what a dream!

(14 07 2012) Riccardo Costa

I’m always surprised by Jimmy Carbone’s abilities to throw such great events like the Cook Out NYC 2012 on Governor’s Island.

A Tough Guy’s Actions Expose a Soft Spot

(20 06 2012) Darrell Fusaro

At age fourteen I defended us against the black mafia and experienced my dad's love.

Wines of Portugal in NYC

(11 06 2012) Riccardo Costa

Portugal has exceptional wines. As matter of fact, although the Italian and French wines play the main role in International markets, in the last year even Chilean and Californian...

Queens Taste 2012

(08 05 2012) Riccardo Costa

Report from Queens Taste 2012!

IAWA Welcomes Award-winning poet Ken DiMaggio and Emmy-Award winning producer Paul La Rosa on Saturday, May 12, 2012

(22 04 2012) IAWA .

The Italian American Writers Association (IAWA) presents Ken DiMaggio, a poet, short-story writer and scholar and Paul LaRosa, an Emmy-Award winning CBS News producer who will...

America Loves Monti—and just maybe, so does Italy

(11 02 2012) Judith Harris

A subtle and sober intellectual economist in a discreet blue suit, the new "emergency premier" marks a departure from the recent Italian past. For one, he is hailed and respected...


(13 11 2011) Darrell Fusaro

Honoring Italian emigrations after 150 years

(23 09 2011) Judith Harris

Italian emigration to the U.S. was fairly limited until 1870 and unification of Italy, but by 1900 the figure had risen to over 400,000, and in the decade after 1900 over...

Craftsmanship Documented

(21 02 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Italian Americans at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“DireNapoli.” The visit of Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe to New York to tell the world about his city’s pains and hopes.

(07 01 2011) Ottorino Cappelli

This January the Cardinal of Naples Crescenzio Sepe will be in New York, where he will meet the Italian and Italian-American community, personalities of the cultural and artistic...

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