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WOV-AM’s La Grande Famiglia

(14 09 2016) Joseph Sciorra

Written and audio documents for my research and essay on the radio show "La Grande Famiglia."

Bill de Blasio: A Progressive Mayor for All New Yorkers Part II

(23 09 2013) Jerry Krase

While I, and other self-confessed “Progressives” celebrate the victory of Bill De Blasio in the recent New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary, there is need to pause and...

The Secret History of Italian Americans on TV

(01 03 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Pausing the flickering image of the cathode ray tube.

Anti-defamation, a Punch Line

(30 01 2011) Joseph Sciorra

Something Funny about Somewhere.

Anti-Italian Bias: Surreal or Not Surreal, That is the Question

(27 01 2011) Jerry Krase

When they are covered in the media, Italians and Italian Americans are usually the butts of their own jokes and for some of us this is not a laughing matter. Fighting back is like...

Fini: “Other dangers” Lie on the Political Horizon. But Just What are They?

(30 05 2010) Judith Harris

"Our Constitution is the foundation and guarantee of the unity of the Republic,” Fini told a group of students visiting the Chamber of Deputies the other day. Ambiguously he...

Fear and (Self-)Loathing in Italian America

(03 02 2010) Joseph Sciorra

The Specter of the Gavon Haunts the Prominenti.

Are you (we) stupid or what?

(02 04 2009) Jerry Krase

Solving global and national crises requires accurate and timely information. Television news and information programming is little help in that regard.

Sharks and Mobsters: 2 Oft-told Tales

(14 03 2009) Jerry Krase

Seeing the Pattern of Italian Stereotypes in slights, sites, and sights of all kinds

Explaining American Politics: What's Left of Media Bias

(09 09 2008) Jerry Krase

The American Right often complains of left-wing media bias, yet the big-time American media, Fox, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, et al are hardly Marxist-Leninist Kommissars.

Whites on a Leash: Italian Americans and White Privilege in the U.S.

(24 06 2008) Fred Gardaphe

If not totally black, Italians have certainly complicated the notion of whiteness in America so that they are neither totally white, and it is this in-between status, that makes...

Tony Soprano Made Me Do It!

(08 03 2008) Joseph Sciorra

Turncoat mafioso’s statement about media depictions of Italian Americans is “smoking gun” say some Italian-Americans. No kidding.

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