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Mario Monti

Political Suicide in New York City and Italy: Part I - Italy

(22 02 2013) Jerry Krase

New York City and Italy have a great deal in common, starting and ending with self-destructive electorates; voters who are intent on putting into office people who, in one way or...

Berlusconi Back Again!

(28 10 2012) Judith Harris

Berlusconi, who has dominated Italian politics for over seventeen years, is not leaving the political scene just yet. What happened?

The Silly Season Sweeps Italy

(13 08 2012) Judith Harris

Ferragosto – the name derives from the original Feriae Augusti summer festival proclaimed by the Emperor Augustus – is a major holiday celebrated on August 15 when all of...

Summer spreads out the spread

(27 07 2012) Judith Harris

The upward surge of the spread to today's 506.48 for 10-year bonds (but 519 at the opening of the markets) has reignited interest in holding elections this November, six months...

Italy in a bad Mood(y's)

(14 07 2012) Judith Harris

Five words sum up Italy in this hot mid-summer, and not one is Italian. Here they are, in no particular order: spread, Moody's, Porcellum (a bastardized Latin word coined by the...

"Grillismo" and the Powerful Forces

(11 06 2012) Judith Harris

According to the pollsters, Beppe Grillo's share of the Italian electorate amounts to 16%, while Silvio Berlusconi's Partito della Libertà continues to sink like a stone....

Italy is “Too Big to Fail”

(12 05 2012) Dom Serafini

La Dolce Vita Can Resume

Diary of an economic tragedy: “Look us in the face”

(07 05 2012) Judith Harris

"Open your shutters and look us in the face!" is what a mournful group of widows of debt-related suicide victims shouted last Saturday in Bologna during a demonstration in front...

Family values, Bossi style

(13 04 2012) Judith Harris

Umberto Bossi, founding father of the Northern League, resigned as head of his party last week. After 30 years of blaming Rome of robbing, it turns out that some in Bossi's...

Good News Gazette

(09 03 2012) Judith Harris

There's good news from Italy, and it's about time. (Never fear: at the tail end of this piece we'll report some bad news, too.)

Derailing Turin’s High-Speed Train

(07 03 2012) Judith Harris

Protests over the construction of the TAV (Treno Alta Velocità) have spread all over Italy, with people blocking highways and city centers. Let's see what are the CONS and what...

Moms, Jobs and Bamboccioni

(21 02 2012) Judith Harris

A much debated issue has been the center of many discussions recently, the so-called "bamboccioni" are the young Italian adults who still live at home with their parents, cuddled...

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