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The Status of Interpretation in Italian American Studies: Shameless Promotion of My Books, Part II

(27 04 2012) Jerry Krase

The First Annual Forum in Italian American Criticism was held in Manhattan in 2008 at which internationally renowned scholars were invited to comment on “The Status of...

A wall, a poem, a summer epiphany.

(11 08 2008) Joseph Sciorra

I am reminded of Eugenio Montale's haunting poem upon discovering a simple barrier wall built by an Italian immigrant in Brooklyn during the 1930s.

Announcing the Cicchetto as a Literary Form and Inviting Others to Submit their Cicchetti Here

(22 04 2008) Mary Cappello

Announcing the first of three projects that I hope to pursue on I-Italy in the days ahead: to theorize and compose "cicchetti" together: a literary form in the tradition of the...

“Bitter Rice”, “The Earth Trembles” and “The Italian/American State of Mind”(culture)

(04 03 2008) Tom Verso

In film literature, the essence of the Southern Question is dramatically demonstrated by the juxtaposition of two late 1940’s Italian films “Bitter Rice” and “The Earth...

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? And Why?

(07 10 2007) Fred Gardaphe

Columbus, like many figures of history, has outlived his usefulness for all Americans, but for Italian Americans he continues to represent the struggle their immigrant forbearers...

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